Feb 19, 2008

Brian & Briana


My attraction to the above flower—aside from it's natural beauty—is the noticeable heart in the center. It's obviously shaped by shadows, but isn't it pretty? I am unsure as to what kind of flower this is, so perhaps my gardening friends will help me out.

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Brian & Briana (Meaning: Noble, strong, virtuous; hill; Briana is a form of Brian)

I AM BURSTING WITH NEWS! As a preface, allow me to set the stage. I have one daughter, Briana, and two sons, Bryce and Brock. My eldest, Briana, attends college and teaches dance at the performing arts studio where I am also employed. She has been happily dating a young man by the name of Brian for some time. Brian is wrapping up his last year of college as a music composition major.

Last Friday, Brian called to speak with Barry, my husband. After redirecting Brian to Barry's cell phone, my "knower" kicked in. Since Barry so often allows unrecognized numbers to go into message mode, I immediately called to advise him of this extremely important call. Shortly afterwards, I redialed Barry's number. My instincts had come to fruition. Brian was indeed planning to propose to Briana the following day! He wanted his family and mine to be there as a surprise to Briana who was clueless.

On Saturday morning, after Brian picked up his princess, we secretly followed them to Corona Del Mar. What a beautiful day for a proposal! The ocean sparkled as if sprinkled with glitter, and chilly temperatures had been upstaged by a preview of spring. Our two families gathered at a lookout point at the cliff's edge, joined by a few strangers eager to share our excitement. The lovebirds were picnicking on the rocks below, Brian glancing up occasionally to make sure that the guests were assembled.

Then it happened. With Briana standing and Brian on his knees, he asked for her hand in marriage. I fully expected that I was going to cry but the moment accelerated past my tears! Soon they were embracing and Briana was turning with astonishment to the cheering crowd on the cliff top!

As we toasted with Martinelli's Sparkling Cider at some nearby picnic benches, Briana was still giddy and bewildered. The adults laughed and rehashed the details leading up to the event, while the younger boys (8 and under) became distracted by the call of sandy hills and rocks to traverse. It was a joyous day mixed with a jumble of maternal emotions that I'm frankly still sorting through...

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  1. Lovely post! Congratulations to all. Now you'll have a wedding to plan, that should be lots of fun!
    HUgs, DebraK

  2. Wow! What a great post! How exciting is that!? Please congratulate Briana for me Miss Karen - I wish them all of God's Best! You must be so proud. . .Have fun planning the wedding! See you soon!

    Bertski ;)

  3. How romantic and how wonderful! I approve of this young man for wanting the families to be a part of this wonderful occasion.

  4. Congraulations to all of you. How wonderful...

  5. This is my first visit to your blog (I saw your name pop up several times during my OWOH traveling) and just had to comment on this JOYOUS news!!! What a time to visit your blog! Congratulations to all! =)

  6. Wow what a happy... exicting... wonderful post!! I love how he called your husband.. and even more that he included the families in on the big surprise..

    Congratulations to the happy couple



  7. That's wonderful news....I loved hearing all the details! HA! Like you all were up on the top of the hill "watching" the whole proposal event.....OH YES I would have been crying! I'm so glad that her young man wanted to share all that with you all though. He sounds very awesome. Give them all our best wishes.....DO put photos up on your site when you get them! HA!
    Be blessed,

  8. I am teary! That is so neat!
    What a thoughtful young man.

    Hope you'll come over and enter my 200th post giveaway.

    Blessings on your day!

    Becky K.

  9. Awwww.... tears in my eye at the moment! How precious! How sweet for her to turn around and hear/see cheering from her loved ones! Congrats!!! Oh, I just love proposals! Hey, that flower is lovely.

  10. KJ - I'm so glad you dropped by my blog so that I could discover yours! How wonderful...a wedding to plan! It took us a year to get ready for Shannon's wedding (mom to the twins) and 7 years after that to get the twins. They are such a blessing. My son in Birmingham has one little girl, she'll be 3 in August...twins will be 4 in May. Our lives are sooo blessed.
    We are leaving (as you know) for Savannah and Charleston tomorrow early (6a.m.-ish) so we'll visit with the twins tonight. The live only about 15 miles from us. Son and his family are over an hour away.
    If you ever make it south,please let me know, I'd love to show you some Southern hospitality!
    Also, check out my blog in another week for pictures of those gorgeous towns. I've been to Savannah before but hubby has not. Never been to Charleston and looking forward to that.

    XO- Judy

    P.S. Are you a "Housewife from Orange County"? (that was some show)

  11. What a perfect and sweet proposal! It sounds as if Briana has found herself a treasure in Brian! Congratulations to both of them:>)

  12. Exciting!! Here's wishing them a blessed, happy marriage.

  13. What a sweet story. Congratulations to them!


  14. How beautiful and wonderful - congratulations to Briana & Brian and your entire family. Karen, your way with words always warms my heart. I have tears of happiness because of this news. I'm so happy for you all. Miss you, but glad I can still keep in touch this way at least!
    Love, Debbie Rojas


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