Feb 27, 2008

"Nell Hill's Stylish Weddings" Giveaway!

Pat from Back Porch Musings is having a Blogoversary Giveaway! In celebration of her first year of blogging, she is giving away Nell Hill's Stylish Weddings, by the impressive entrepreneur, Mary Carol Garrity. Garrity is the founder of Nell Hill, a hugely popular home furnishings emporium in Atchison, Kansas.

With my daughter's recent engagement, I know this book would be a wonderful asset for our wedding preparation! If a wedding is not on your agenda, Nell Hill books are fountainheads of inspiration. To enter, CLICK HERE. The winner will be chosen on the evening of Wednesday, March 5th.

Certainly, Pat's own sense of design permeates her quaint and informative Back Porch Musings! Wait until you see her master bedroom makeover which can be accessed by clicking on "Older Posts" at the bottom of her site! It even caught the attention of HGTV!


  1. I think YOU need that book huh?
    When is the wedding by the way did they choose a date?

  2. Hey KJ,
    I didn't get the e-mail with your photo in it so send it to me if you still have it.

    I did read up on the man you mentioned in the Marshall Islands because his name is VERY familier to me when you wrote it....
    I didn't know why though. I am not sure if my friends know him and I can't even e-mail them because of the harsh conditions where they are now on Nauru..I will snail mail them but it will take FOREVER...ugh. I hate when I can't communicate with people FAST. HA!
    Oh yeah, I do shop at that store...the TM one. I have one very close to me in fact so I pop in all the time.
    Right, 8 is "New Beginings...." I wonder what next year is? HA!

    They aren't thinking this year are they? because there will be an
    8/8/2008 this year of course..hummm. I just looked and it's a Friday....hummmm.

  3. Hey there... I posted about a writing project on my blog.. check it out when you get a chance I am sure it will be of interest to you



  4. Stopping in for a cup of tea to say hello and wishing you a great night...Mary

  5. Thanks for this note, KJ! I really appreciate it!



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