Feb 13, 2008

Sweet Simplicity - Valentine's Day

It's Valentine's Eve and I choose to K.I.S.S.! I've heard 2 interpretations for this acronym: Keep it Sweet & Simple, and Keep it Simple Stupid. I choose the first rather than the latter because "simple" precludes "stupid," and I've seen enough "stupid" on WE's Bridezillas, thank-you very much! One episode is an overdose!

Here are some ideas that utilize items we already have in our homes...

Wreath of Hearts - BHG The simple embellishment of a candle with a mini garland made of wire and paper hearts.

A Special Spark - BHG Baking embellishments find new pizazz under candlelight.

Bucket Full of Posies - BHG A new paint bucket takes on fresh charm when it's papered with decorative prints and filled with cheerful blooms.

Felt Fortune Cookies - Martha Stewart The how-to for this project is located at the above link. By changing the colors of felt, this can be used throughout the year. (Imagine how peanut butter cups would cozy up to tan, orange, and yellow in autumn.)


  1. What a fun blog with great pictures! I shall return! Thanks for entering my drawing!

  2. Thanks for posting such great creative ideas. Now I'll just have to remember and try some of them early next February and not the day before Valentine's Day!


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