Mar 10, 2008

"Limerick Writing Contest" Reminder

The details of the LIMERICK WRITING CONTEST are 3 posts down. The contest concludes on March 17th. At that time, my readers will get to vote on their favorite Limerick. I will be happy to email you a (pdf) copy of Limerick Formula & Examples. It will help you to find your inner jig! (My email link is in my profile.)

The P•R•I•Z•E is no longer a SURPRISE! The March/April copy of Victoria recommended a gorgeous book entitled: Pink Ladies & Crimson Gents, Portraits and Legends of 50 Roses, written by Molly Glentzer and photographed by Don Glentzer. I have pre-ordered a copy and it will be presented to the winner of the Limerick Writing Contest! Wouldn't you agree it's worth writing a Limerick just to win this inspiring book?

Random House wrote:

"Shaped like a miter’s cap or delicately hued like the pearl-colored petticoats of a duchess, scented like honeyed almonds or nodding heavily in the wind, every old-fashioned rose possesses a unique character. And their names–often drawn from history and mythology–have stories as enchanting and evocative as the flowers themselves."

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Photo courtesy of Random House