Mar 28, 2008

"I Never Got to Thank You" Project

We all have stories to tell about the people who definitively shaped our lives. Often, when we are enjoying the fruits of what people have poured into us, we are so preoccupied with the results that we lay the stories aside.

Bill Burns of the Loving Her Beautiful blog, is compiling our personal "letters of thanks" into a compelling book. His goal is to collect 100 Thank You Stories.

Bill writes: "I can assure you, this will be one of the easiest things you’ll ever write. First of all, you don’t need to create a story: it’s already written. You’re living it right now. Secondly, it’s not an essay or a work of literature. It’s a personal letter. And everyone can write a letter. A Thank You Story doesn’t show off writing skills, it re-connects one heart to another with a Thank You. It’s about sharing your story, in your words, in your way."

The deadline was slated for March 31st; however, to date, he has collected 11 stories, so he will persevere until he reaches his goal. He needs our help. Wouldn't it be an honor—for all concerned—to document our gratitude? Imagine how our missives might be an encouragement to the one we thank and to the innumerous others who will read them.

For submission information, click HERE.

Image from Grandma's Graphics.


  1. Hi there!

    What a great idea! Thanks for bringing it to my attention. I'll try to find some time to join in.

    Gosh, it seems f-o-r-e-v-e-r since I've been able to visit you. You've been very very busy (as usual) and I've enjoyed each and every post I've missed.

    We had a ball on our California trip, but it's always nice to return home. I'm still gradually catching up on things around here. (Just in time before company comes next week...our daughter and my Mom and Aunt.)


  2. Hi Kj, I was reading all about this over at Jo's blog, it really is an awesome idea, isn't it??

    Thanks for your kind comments about my etiquette practices. : ) I read what you wrote on Jo's blog regarding that subject and must say, you hit the nail right on the head. There is so much positive out in blogland that I try to focus only on that. When I see too much negative, I never go back...there is such power in clicking the delete buttom or moving away from a blog. Who needs clicks, we had those in high school, didn't we?? Thanks Kj, talk to you again soon.

  3. Thank-you I will try and do that. I want to wish you a weekend filled with all things bright and beautiful.......Mary

  4. I saw this the other day and didn't find the time I guess....I'll go read it again. Oh. And thank you Karen sometimes shape my life now!

  5. Hi, I saw that you won a Paris-themed ATC. Congratulations!

  6. KJ thank you so much for bringing this to my attention! I will definetly participate! You are a true treasure sweets! Have a blessed day!

  7. Hi, KJ,
    Wow! You're the greatest! Thank you so much for the wonderful post about my project. And thank you to them for commiting to help. I get teary every time I read another Thank You Story, and now I get teary every time someone writes a post about it. Thank you again so much!


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