Mar 25, 2008

KJ's Egg-cellent Adventure

Can you believe that Christmas was exactly 3 months ago! The speed of life feels like a Post-It pad. I begin to pen, peel, and post; always astonished at how quickly I'm reaching for a new pad. Today, with Easter one day behind us, I caught myself mentally connecting to the next holiday. I immediately resolved to place more emphasis on the days in between. We are so programmed by marketing, aren't we?

I don't have my eggs in a basket, but I'm getting them lined up. Despite detours such as accidentally deleting browser bookmarks while braving the Web without reading glasses, I'm making progress. I've taken some leaps of Faith lately. My workspace is being prepared for where I'm going. As an insurance policy, I stocked up on several pairs of 99¢ Store reading glasses.

On another note, what happened to Easter Vacation? Throughout my schooling, Easter Vacation—and it was referenced as that—preceeded Easter. Family and friends could count on sharing one week off...together. Now, in a secular effort to disassociate with religion, to be politically correct, and/or to stave off collegiate idiocy, Easter Vacation has become a very broken Spring Break!

Take a look at my family's "Spring Break" schedule...
  • March 16th - March 22nd: Briana is off from college...
  • March 23rd -29th: Bryce is off from junior high...
  • March 30th - April 5th: Brock is off from elementary school...
  • April 6th - April 12th: I'm off from the Performing Arts studio...
  • My husband isn't off at all...
Now, what is a family supposed to do with this? One person is off and the rest of the family is saddled with the normal routine. For me, there is no break. Unlike Elmer Fudd, I won't be able to say, "West and wewaxation at wast!" and that's pwetty scwewy!"

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  1. Hi KJ

    Time flies, that is for certain!

    It seems you've made a good investment with those reading glasses. Our 3 year granddaughter was here, to spend the night, over the weekend. I wasn't wearing my glasses while I read to her. It's a good thing she has those books memorized, so she could guide me through storytime!!


  2. What is the next holiday? Mother's Day??

  3. Yes, I believe the next holiday is Mother's Day. You see, there we go again! LOL!



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