Mar 7, 2008


I am hosting a LIMERICK WRITING CONTEST! It's time for the blarney to flow! There's an old saying, “If you're lucky enough to be Irish, then you're lucky enough.” Well, Irish or not (and I am), we all get to take a romp in the clover! A SURPRISE GIFT WILL BE GIVEN TO THE WINNER!

  • You may submit as many original limericks as your wee heart desires.
  • This contest will run from March 7th to March 17th, after which you will be invited to vote for your favorite entry. To make the contest interesting, you will not be allowed to vote for you own Limericks.
  • All entries must be submitted by Midnight PST on March 17th.
  • If you would like to receive a Limerick How-to (pdf) containing examples, just email me and I will send it your way. (My email address can be found in my profile on the top right sidebar.)
  • Limericks have been known to be a bit off color. Please submit respectable limericks.

In these 2 original limericks, I poke some fun at my husband...

Yes, my spouse has delusional style,
His reasoning always on trial;
“I’ll just sit here and rest,”
He will boldly suggest,
Chin crashing to chest in denial!

—Karen June Miller

“Just a QUICK nap,” my husband will say,
With his clock set to “snooze” at midday;
And he DOES bolt up QUICK
With EACH 10 minute click
On his snooze alarm’s flashing display.

—Karen June Miller


Rosemary said...

Pretty funny KJ.
I don't think I would be good at that.

Esther Sunday said...

I am not real good at this stuff. I'll down a couple of wine coolers... it is bound to make me come up with something! Love, Esther

Julie said...


I am still intimidated by your meme so think I will pass!


KJ said...

Carol & "The Lenster" Drey

There is a woman named Karen Miller
Who thinks she's a knowledge pillar
But when you check her credentials
They don't have the essentials
Because she's goofier than Ben Stiller


Blessings...Carol =^..^=

KJ said...

There once was a misfit named Rodger
Who was known as a full time life-dodger;
To shed self-neglect,
And to gain self-respect,
He changed by becoming a blogger.

ShabbyInTheCity said...

What fun!

I'll have to consider
Cause I'm such a kidder
what I'm going to write

I don't want to rush
but my brains turned to mush
and my thoughts have taken flight!

Sandi @the WhistleStop Cafe said...

This will be fun!
I am posting Irish toasts every day. I'll need to think on the limerick thing.

Anonymous said...

Another from the Lenster:

Everyone's talking about Osama
He has a non-Black mama
He talks about hope
But sounds like a dope
And if elected, there'll be nothing but trama.


There is a woman named Karen Miller
Who worked on a boat tending the tiller
One day on the lake
She hit a huge wake
And the wipe out was quite a thriller

Julie said...

Please, delete my previous comment. Let's try this instead:

There once was a sweet girl named Mary
Who said, "Writing lim'ricks is scary."
She ate three mushroom caps
and laid down for a nap,
then wrote this with help from a fairy.

Sharon said...

It's going to be so much fun reading the submissions.

BailiwickDesigns said...

Many months ago I did Friday posts for Studio Friday, and one of the topics was "Tools of the Trade". I wrote a little limerick about what I do in my studio...

The tools of my trade are here
in this room that I hold so dear
I design in my head
then with needle and thread
I sew year after year after year.

I've dredged it up, just for you KJ! ::Jill

KJ said...

Jenny Fowler of

If I were whipped cream I'd die happy.
Instead I am corn and that's crappy.
I would melt away;
I'd dare not stay,
But you'll see you me again in a snappy.

DebraK from ~the Bunnies Bungalow~ said...

OK, I'm playing & I'll have you know this kept me up several hrs last night......LOL

There once was an ogre named Betty,
who feasted on plates of spaghetti.
Then none could be had
so she went quite mad
And ate up her cousins the Yetties!

You know, Yetti, big foot!
Hugs, DebraK

Katheryn said...

OK, I'm in!!!! I LOL'ed about Betty who ate her cousins.
This limerick is about my sweet, sensitive pooch named Oliver (Ollie for short!!)

My dog Ollie's so shy
He hides when passers pass by
He's inside my jacket
Oh, what a racket
He howls when it zips up ,"Oh my!"

Anonymous said...

A lymrick called "Eye-dyllic"

There once was a middle-aged lass
Who worked as she watched her life pass;
But once in a while
Forgot her work pile
Read KJ; her blog is first class!

Submitted by Debbie Rojas, a fan of KJ's writting.