Apr 3, 2008


On Friday, February 15th my daughter Briana was proposed to by her now fiancé, Brian. (See the original post HERE.) In short, Brian took Briana to Corona del Mar, California with the pretense of having a picnic near the cliffs. Briana was utterly surprised by the proposal, especially when she discovered her audience: Brian's family and her own.

Here are some photos taken by Brian's brother, Gil, as he frantically maneuvered the rocky slope to capture every precious moment—all while remaining invisible. The first 2 shots are a little fuzzy; however, the pictures became more clear when Gil was able to stand still.

When Brian was satisfied that we had all arrived, he knelt down for his proposal.

Briana's jaw dropped in shocked surprise!

Upon hearing the cheers from the cliffs—which also included some enthusiastic strangers—she turned to her audience.

Still in shock, Briana takes inventory.

I think this was a YES!

The ring!


  1. KJ ~ How very sweet! I proposed to my bride (of almost 40 years now) on the cliffs above the beach in a Gazebo (that is still there) by what is now the Las Brisas restaurant that overlooks the Pacific and the beautiful Laguna Beach coastline which has been a Southern California landmark since its inception in 1938 as the Victor Hugo Inn. That’s what it was when we got engaged, and had stayed that for over 10 years, but then it was converted to Las Brisas in 1979. I wish them (your daughter and future SIL) a marriage that is least as long as the one that Mrs. LZ and I have enjoyed together! ~ jb///

  2. That's so sweet! How wonderful that she'll always have a record of that special moment!


  3. Very sweet! Love the ring, simple and elegant.

  4. What a blessing to be able to be part of such a romantic & special occasion...Im so happy for all of you! Ron also proposed to me 7 yrs ago at the Gasebo near the Laguna hotel...God only sends His best...our 1st date was at the Beach House..We alwasy go there on our anniversary to watch the dolphins play! May God richly bless them as they grow in His Love! Thank you for sharing their love story!

    Hugs from Annie Pipich

  5. Wow this takes my breath away. So special and unbelievely sweet....Mary

  6. What a sweet way to propose, and how nice for both families to be able to share in their immediate joy!

  7. I was LOVING all those photos....really they captured the "moment" and wasn't it special that you all could be there.
    What an "honor!"
    I am very happy for all of you.
    When is the wedding????? HA! HA!
    Hang in there will be fun I am sure. I only have one daughter so I am sure it will be a "mixed blessing" when that day comes.....ummm.....we have a few years to go with that one. HA! Like we just have to get through the Prom in a couple weeks.

  8. Kj, that is so sweet, congrats to your daughter and her fiance. Wow, and all caught on tape too...that will be a nice memory for both of them. : )

  9. Congratulations to all of you!! What a sweet proposal!!! KJ, your daughter is beautiful, as are you!
    May the happy couple share a very blessed life together!

  10. Ahhhhh, that's so sweet... love those pics... a treasure for life!

    Have a greate day


  11. How exciting to be a part of the proposal! The photos will be treasured by all of you!



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  13. What wonderful photos of an incredible moment.

    Thanks for sharing this special event.

  14. GUESS WHAT???
    I received a very sweet package in the mail today from your neck of the woods!!! Thank you, thank you!

    I loved it are way toooooo kind my friend.
    I was however, in the presence of mind to GRAB my camera off the shelf by my computer when I began to open it up so I SNAPPED some shots..of the package "unveiling" HA!

    I will try to post them tonight. I have to go somewhere in a tiny bit so I can't do it now. Check back later and I will "show off" the treasures.
    Thanks so much.....

  15. YowzA! Kinda felt like it was happening to me LOL!
    What great fun :)

  16. What a proud momma you must be!! Even more so to be a part of the lovely event that took place and to have to keep it all a secret... how fun is that!!

    Congratulations to ALL!!!



  17. kj

    so romantic!!! (sigh)
    congrats to everyone!!


  18. How wonderful that he included family members and that it was recorded on film.

    My husband never did propose to me. We just started talking marriage right away. And then waited 3 1/2 years!


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