Apr 5, 2008

Today's Bouquets


I’m glad the sky is painted blue

And the earth is painted green,

With such a lot of nice fresh air

All Sandwiched in between.


My 8-year old son, Brock, memorized this poem for a classroom recitation. I thought it was a sweet and fitting partner for this photo.

I have an out-of-town guest this weekend who traveled from the faraway land of Pennsylvania. I affectionately call her Cynderooni. She is actually a transplant, having been born as an army brat in Georgia and raised in Wisconsin, Illinois, and then California. I met her online over a decade ago when she resided in Northern California. Then she moved to Barry's home state of Pennsylvania. She's a little spark plug (4'11" to be exact) with an enormous heart and she is revving my engine this weekend.

I will be taking some blog strolls after she leaves on Monday. Have a wonderful weekend!


PAT said...

Dear KJ, I'm doing a bit of catching up today! I love the poem and the photo. They do fit!

The engagement photos are extra special. Makes me a bit teary eyed.

And thank you for giving me the award. I appreciate it so very much!


Judy said...

Ooooo, KJ, I love that little poem!!! I know I've heard it somewhere, and when I saw the photo with it, I felt a little lift in my spirit! How sweet!