May 29, 2008

Eye-dyllic According to Vogue - Part II

Vogue Cover, Autumn Fushia, 1957 -

This magazine cover is dreamy in these beautiful shades of pink and purple. Much like the Vogue photo in my last post, Norman Parkinson, the photographer, strategically created a path for the eye to follow. From left to right, the white-gloved, curled hand flows upward to a look-at-me face, and then straight across the left arm to a cigarette blending casually with a draped hand. Notice that there are 2 separate statements framed by windows.

The cigarette was the last thing that I noticed and I certainly don't endorse smoking. However, this is a realistic view of the era that I grew up in. My parents smoked, as did most of their friends. Dad and Mom quit smoking right after I had my first child: their first grandchild. I'm proud of them for that.'s Description:

"Fashion is hardly fleeting in Norman Parkinson’s 1957 Vogue Cover. In his long, distinguished career with British and American Vogue, renowned English photographer Parkinson (1913-1990) captured some of the most celebrated men and women in fashion and high society, and was one of the pioneers of the on-location shoot. With its iconic glamour and romantic imagery, “Vogue Cover, Autumn Fuchsia, 1957” appeals to fashion lovers and vintage art collectors alike."


  1. Wow, stunning cover. The photograph exhibits all of the key qualities of excellent photography. And, those colors are outstanding.

    A perfect capture of an era of grace.

  2. Yikes. beautiful photograph.Wish I could stamp that well!

    I am so glad that your parents no longer smoke. My dad too quit long ago.

  3. I love the way you describe the photographs. I makes me look at them in a different way.

    My parents smoked, too, but my mom quit not long before she got pregnant with her first child....ME! LOL!! My dad smoked a pipe, and I think he smoked a little bit longer. I used to smoke, but thank goodness I quit over ten years ago. I'm 38 now. My sister and her fiance just quit, and I'm so proud of them. Today was day #11!!!!



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