May 29, 2008

Eye-dyllic According to Vogue - Part III

Jeannie Patchett, Paris, Vogue 1950 -

This photo assures us that every princess, no matter how glamorous, must eventually collapse. What splendor to curl like a kitten in the corner of an oversized sofa, engulfed by a palette of pink. These days, with some of the more realistic photos of models without makeup, I have been encouraged that most women have to work at beauty, although youth is by far an easier canvas.

Again, this is a Norman Parkinson photo done exclusively for Vogue. Description:

"Norman Parkinson, one of Britain’s leading fashion photographers, infused his classic shots with humor and joie de vivre. Parkinson (1913-1990) revolutionized British fashion photography by taking models out of the studio and into more dynamic outdoor settings. He was initially a photographer for “Harper’s Bazaar” and “The Bystander,” and was a reconnaissance photographer over France for the Royal Air Force. He had an illustrious career with British “Vogue” for almost 40 years, and worked for the magazine’s American edition after he and his wife began taking yearly trips to New York. Parkinson also photographed celebrities, and created calendars featuring glamorous women."


  1. I'm really enjoying these.

    Do you think she might have had her feelings hurt, and be taking a moment to sulk?

  2. Reminds me of Grace Kelly in "Rear Window".
    Where has all the glamor gone?

  3. I love this photo!! It's so beautiful!! These covers you're posting keep getting better and better!! Keep 'em coming! :-)


  4. Incredible photo!

    Have a blessed weekend!

    smiles, kari & kijsa


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