May 27, 2008

Eye-dyllic According to Vogue - Part I

Vogue Cover, October 1957 -

Isn't this cover masterful! First, the face in the champagne flute captivates the onlooker; and then leads us on a clever path from toe to heel and, much like a switchback, lifts the eye to a golden chapeau crowned by a crimson VOGUE.'s Description:

"With a click of John Rawlings' shutter, commercial photography soared from sales tool to respected art form exemplified by this 1957 "Vogue" cover. One of the 20th Century's most prolific photographers, Rawlings (1912-1970) profoundly impacted the fashion press by imparting color and innovative use of natural and artificial light. His pivotal work for Conde-Nast encompassed three decades and the creation of more than 200 "Glamour" and "Vogue" covers, as well as involvement in numerous ad campaigns. His 1957 "Vogue" cover not only boosted sales, but enduringly elevated the world's respect for fashion photography."

This cover was published 3 months before I was born. I must say that I would rather see artful design over a half clad model any day!


  1. What an awesome cover!! I agree with you about wanting to see covers that are more creative than half-naked, way-too-thin models!!


  2. Love that giveaway!!Your music is awesome!!!!!


  3. The cover pulls you into the feel. I so agree with you. I enjoy being able to interpret for myself, and there is not much room left for interpretation in a lot you see today.

  4. My first visit to your post and I love the way you view the cover on Vogue Magazine. How very interesting , where did you find it?

    I am looking in on your contest, what fun!

    Have a great day, Jeanne, also known as Beverly's 'best' friend. :)

  5. Where do you find these things? What a striking cover, and you're right!Much lovelier than what is out there today!
    Thanks for your comment on my blog _ I'm still here and will be posting soon!

  6. Hello there, Just dropping by to saw HI. What a neat cover! Vogue was one of my favorite magazines.
    Hugs, DebraK

  7. Hello,
    Thank you for stopping by my blog.

    While the Cath Kidston giveaway has already ended I do now have the post up for the Cottage giveaway.

    Please swing back on by and enter.

    I can't wait to come back and peruse your blog in depth.

  8. Hi KJ,
    Very cool cover!!

  9. Love love love it! I so wish we lived in more simple times. The media is just drowning our young people, and all ages with trash! It is so refreshing to see something old that should be new again. Thanks for sharing....
    I have missed you, glad to be back.

  10. I do love that! I would have thought this cover to be a lot more current...but, alas you are right...this is a bit too creative for that.

    Becky K.


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