May 7, 2008

Recent Posts & the Carollton Bus Crash

In addition to the "Beau Geste" post below, followed by an "Amazing Grace" video, I have something else that I would love your feedback on. Two doors down, you will find a mini questionnaire that was originally done by Real Simple magazine. I'm extremely interested in your perspective. If you have a moment, please answer the 7 questions in the comments section. If there is enough participation, I plan to highlight some of the responses in a special post. KJ

P.S. Thank-you, Chantal, for leaving today's heart wrenching message on my January 21, 2008 post, "Reflections on the Carollton, Kentucky Bus Crash." Chantal is still very much affected by this tragedy. Her sister, Ciaran, was on that bus and survived; but not without emotional and physical trauma. The 20th Anniversary of the crash is next week and many are gathering—including Chantal's family—for a Memorial. Please pray for all those who bear the scars.


  1. I went back and gave my response to the questions. They did make me put on my thinking cap.

    That crash was such an awful, awful tragedy. I will continue to pray for all of those impacted. I'm glad you reminded us.

  2. Hi, KJ, thanks for coming by & for your kind comments.

    I really enjoyed that Wintley video, he's a great singer. I hear him on the Moody Christian station sometimes, as well as Larnelle. Love that kind of music! It really blesses my soul. thanks for sharing.


  3. I am going back to answer the questions now. I want to wish you a Happy Mothers Day...mary

  4. Hey KJ,
    You know, I can't even get in touch with my friends about Sam Sasser and his wife but I am SURE they know of them. I have heard of their name and probably from our friends the Chaisson's......anyhow I did look up hte Sasser's when you mentioned them to me and they are familier to me. So I am sure I learned of them from my friends.

    The Chaisson's are so REMOTE right now on the island of "Nauru" that we can't even e-mail them or call them......we aren't sure they can get's all via Australia and we've only gotten one newsletter from them since June and they had written before but they got "lost" somehow. Sad. They are the most AWESOME people in the'd love them. Everyone does.
    Very diligent and dedicated and always in some "hard place" in the world. I admire them so much. I hate that we can't reach them....we always could somewhat in the past when they were in the Solomon's.
    Anyway.....I sent something your way. Let me know if/when it gets there. I wanted it to be a surprise but it's been a week now and I am wondering about it HA! Not about you but about the package. HA!
    WE will touch base later.
    Ugh....that bus crash is still such a painful thing to all those people. Somethings will be with some people forever even though they've resolved the's like loosing a will always be gone and you will always be reminded that it was there. Such a huge loss.
    Boy this is long.
    See ya!


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