May 19, 2008

Mental Pause Moments


I'm Paula Powersurge, and we're here today with KJ Miller to get a closer look at her journey through Menopause or what she refers to as "Mental Pause."

Paula: So, KJ, I hear you're singing the praises of "mental pause."
KJ: It's very perspiring, I mean inspiring...
Paula: Would you mind sharing with us?
KJ: Well, I've renamed my children hundreds of times. And, I took my son to school once and forgot to drop him off.
Paula: That must have been a shock.
KJ: Not as shocking as hearing his voice from the backseat when I pulled into my driveway!
Paula: That would be startling... Anything else?
KJ: You know all those mysterious gorilla hairs on my body?
Paula: Uh, actually, I don't.
KJ: Well, I can now track their previous addresses.
Paula: How's that?
KJ: Mapquest!
Paula: I didn't think Mapquest was that interactive.
KJ: Mapquest is uncharted territory.
Paula: Maps are uncharted?
KJ: I mean, you know, they do more than you think. The other day, I misplaced my reading glasses for the... I don't remember how many times, but Mapquest helped me find them!
Paula: Are you serious?
KJ: Oh, yes! I just typed in my address.
Paula: Didn't that give you a map of where you live?
KJ: It did...and that's where I found my glasses!!!
Paula: Amazing... Is there anything else noteworthy?
KJ: Yes there is! We've been having heat spells in California. This combined with hot flashes...well, I'm toast! I had to turn on the air conditioner.
Paula: Wow, that's pretty hot for spring!
KJ: At least the air conditioning made me feel, well, normal.
Paula: Did you notice anything peculiar?
KJ: My daughter served me lunch wearing winter woolens.
Paula: Hmmm...
KJ: Oh, and then I find myself standing in front of my kitchen pantry a lot.
Paula: Has your appetite increased?
KJ: No, I just stand there trying to figure out why I'm standing there. Then, finally, it comes to me. I exclaim, "Aha, I need my hair brush!" So off I go to the bathroom. Then, I'll stand in front of my pantry again: "I need to get socks out of the dryer!" And, away I go.
Paula: How many times do you do this?
[Concentrating.] I don't remember.
Paula: Do you find yourself at the pantry several times a day?
I honestly don't remember. [Becomes uncomfortable.]
Paula: Surely, you have some idea.
KJ: I'm not sure... [Begins to perspire.]
Paula: Do you need to...
KJ: Yes, I'll be going to my pantry now...


  1. Oh my!! I'm about to fall on the floor laughing. You are too good.

    And, I can so relate. I have got one ahead of you though. Once the reading glasses turned into bifocals, I no longer misplace them. Yes, I have to keep them on in order to see.

    Darn things don't help a bit with the memory though.

    I order my groceries on-line so that I can pick up my order on the way home from work. Problem here is remembering to stop for the order. I can't tell you how many times I have almost made it home only to remember and have to turn around.

  2. KJ,
    This post absolutely slayed me! I can identify with every bit of it!! Extremely funny!!!
    A question for you: have you ever, or could you, record yourself singing and have it playing on your blog? I would LOVE to hear your voice!!
    Lots of love...

  3. What a riot!! I couldnt stop laughing at this one... and the mapquest... omg.. hysterical... I have about 10 pairs of reading glasses and I can never find any of them... and the standing in the pantry... I do the kitchen... sometimes I even have to go out and come back in ... now THATS BAD

    Thanks for a great laugh ... I needed that.



  4. Hysterical! I am so glad to have a few more years...hopefully...before that hits full force. Nearly was right there now...if my surgery hadn't been so successful.
    You are so great to have a sense of humor about all of it.

    Becky K.

  5. This was a great way to start my morning since I have been awake since 3.....finally succumbing to the insomnia at 4! Thanks for the giggles.

    :-) Rosie

  6. You are so wonderful. This was just what I needed. My husband asked me to order take out at Cracker Barrel the other week. He told me what he wanted I said fine and that I would call. He that there to pick up the food and guess what I never called. When he called to see about it, it took me a minute to remember that I had not called....LOL...Mary

  7. Funny but true! I've been there and done that. You can't comprehend the whole process until you experience it.

    Thanks for stopping by and visiting my blog and for leaving your sweet comments. Yes, we have been having 'hot spells' in Oregon, too. It has cooled a bit today and we are glad. Next weekend is supposed to be hot again. I think it's going to be a long, hot summer!

  8. well I am not there yet. But time it will come along I am sure of it!

    I will keep your family in my prayers that they don't freeze to death or miss too much school.

    How about some doctor visit to get your hormones under control? I just ordered progesterone cream and some KETOT DHEA 25 mg. Softgels on the advice of my Mom.

  9. Oh.My.Word! How funny and how true and how sad...all at the same time! I sooooo agree. I'm have many mental pause moments myself!


  10. Yes manageable alright... but by lots of drugs and a good therapist! You know of course that I am just joking (because) I don't want you to come looking for me holding a sharp object in your hand! ^te he^ ~ jb///

  11. Mental Pause, I love it! Great post KJ! Made me smile, as I wondered, just how many years/decades those night sweats are supposed to come around!!


  12. LOL!!! Well the only encouraging thing I can say dear KJ, is that it does pass....

    I now have a pair of reading glasses for everywhere I go. One for my purse, studio, living room chair, kitchen, office, night stand and bathroom. Sadlt, I still misplace them and there are usually 3 pairs in one spot and none in the other :-)

  13. HAHAHA!!! You are so funny!

    Thanks for your precious comments on our blog. Glad we can read one anothers thoughts now.

    Have an AWESOME day!

    Amy & Rachel

  14. ROFL!!! KJ...are you living in my body? hahaha--from someone who is in her 4th year of "mental pause" let me just reassure you that it doesn't seem to get any better! lol Lucky for me, we live in MN so the hot flashes actually help out on the heating bills, which is a good thing. It's a good thing you can laugh about it, because really, that's how we get through it. God's Blessings!
    Smiles, Karen

  15. Oh my goshhhh, this is so funny you funny you! Who do you sing like? I don't know why I'm thinking of Paula Abdul... hehehe!



  16. Hmmm...I thought I left a comment on here, but I don't see it so I'll leave another one. This was so funny! It reminded me of my best friend! I think I'll tell her to check out your blog!


  17. You are hilarious. I have been having senior moments lately, and I'm only 41.

    Happy day,

  18. I loved that! I can relate to everything... "why did I come into this room?"

    Get yourself about a dozen pairs of those cheapo reading glasses. Then you can always find at least one pair!
    Hugs, DebraK

  19. LOL!!! You are hilarious, and soooooo right on! What a hoot. This post is sure helping me start my day with lots of laughs, and a smile on my face. ;-)


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