May 11, 2008

My Beautiful Mother

During my adolescence, I remember monitoring the responses of my peers whenever my mother, Kathy, was present. I was proud of her. She was stylish, classy, and, in my opinion, not like the other mothers.

I have admired her beauty from my earliest observance, recognizing her graceful and glamorous qualities from classic motion pictures. I would often watch her get made up, taking great interest in her sense of style. Although I did not perceive myself as unattractive, I confess that I would periodically study my own reflection, searching for some resemblance.

My favorite photo of my mother, Kathy, as a young woman.

With maturity, I did what most children do: I took better notes. I became more conscientious of her inward beauty: a poetic soul, genuine concern for people, and an enthusiasm for life and exploration.

My mother possesses a lavish spirit of generosity. She loves to give and does so with great aplomb. Though she is frequently spontaneous, Mom has always made it a point to know what people enjoy and appreciate, even down to the tailored presentation.

Mom would host colorful and imaginative Birthday parties for my brothers and me. She invested her imagination into every detail, and the menu was never an afterthought. Through Mom’s example, I learned the art of hospitality, for she has always placed great emphasis on welcoming guests into her home.

The Bible states that our steps are ordered of the Lord and certainly, my mother was given to me by Divine design. Mom is intelligent, practical, insightful, and I have volumes of her carefully selected greeting cards dispensing handwritten wisdom. On a daily basis, I discern more of the beauty that has been passed to me: beauty that reflects who she is in my life.




Beverly said...

How wonderful that your mother is such a treasure to you. She is lovely, and she must be very proud of you.

Happy Mother's Day to both of you.

Tea Time and Roses said...

Beautiful post Karen... Happy Mother's Day to you and your sweet Mother. Enjoy!



Judy said...

What a beautiful post, KJ.
Wishing you a wonderful Mothers Day!
With love...

Kathleen Grace said...

Wow, you mother really is beautiful! Happy Mothers day to you KJ! I hope you ahve a wonderful weekend:>)

Penny @ Lavender Hill Studio said...

A beautiful tribute to a beautiful woman! Hope your Mother's Day is wonderful!

Kari & Kijsa said...

Happy Mother's Day! Hope you had a wonderful day with your family. Beautiful post!

kari & kijsa

PAT said...

KJ, What a beautiful woman! This tribute to your mother is lovely.


Utah Grammie said...

Wonderful tribute - your Mom looks like a Movie Star from the 50's! Very pretty!

CIELO said...

Oh what wonderful tribute to your mother; she was so lovely! Hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day...



Rosemary said...

Hope you both had a wonderful Mother's Day!

Joyce said...

WOW that is a BEAUTIFUL photo of your Mama.....she looks like "Grace Kelly!!"
Hope you all had a very HAPPY Mother's Day it was a wonderful tribute you gave to her. Sweet daughter that you are!
See you!

Mary Isabella said...

Hope you both had a wonderful day...Hugs

Julie said...

What a wonderful, beautiful tribute to your mom! I lost my mom over 20 years ago and still miss her so much.

She was a beautiful young woman and you certainly inherited her beauty.

LZ Blogger said...

KJ ~ Beautiful woman. Nice thoughts! ~ jb///