May 2, 2008

Secret Passages

Bleeding Hearts | Adam Franco at Adam and

Years ago, I visited an old mansion in Hollywood that a cousin, through marriage, had recently purchased. This grand home had belonged to a silent film star whose name I have forgotten. At the time, I didn't recall seeing her movies; nonetheless, her former home was amazing.

I immediately embarked on a self-guided tour and discovered secret panels in walls that opened to servant passages between rooms. There were dumbwaiters, multiple stairways, and a creepy basement. I was exhilarated!

I find secret passages on the Internet, too. For instance, I was looking for images of May flowers which led me to the above photo. This link delivered me to Adam Franco's website/blog...which led me to I then discovered Adam's handcrafted hanging jewelry case that he created for his wife from Red Birch and Wenge. You must see it! If you are blessed with a carpenter husband, you might be able to use your powers of persuasion. Click HERE to see the beautiful details!

"The Crunchiest Site on the Interweb"

Do any of you crave potato chips? I do. Yes, I know that chips are nowhere to be found on the healthy food pyramid (which seems to be constantly reinvented), but I do love those thinly sliced spuds! All one has to do is mention the word "crunch" and my tastebuds are standing at attention. Well, hop on over to "The Crunchiest Site on the Interweb", It seriously contains 3868 reviews on every imaginable snack, including the best and the worst; the newest and the chewiest; and the latest scoop designer chips.


  1. I am a potato chip muncher and can't eat just one. ;^D
    They are one of my most favored snack foods.

  2. I have been eating a lot of potato chips lately. Is it the time of year, or is it just that I have very little money and am scrounging anything I can find at home??

  3. Oh KJ I love the jewelry case thanks for sharing this site! I also love chips, as my waistline will confirm. I am starting an exercise and healthy eating plan. I am working on it. lol I will share as soon as I get all the kinks worked out. I am so looking forward to Summer break from school, I have so many plans on my agenda! I hope you have a beautiful and blessed weekend. I am still keeping you and your family in my prayers. Please add Andy Dunn (4 year old in my hometown) to your daily prayers he is battling cancer and this week is really hard. His caringbridge site is on my sidebar. Thanks sweet friend.

  4. I'd love to hear and see more of that Hollywood mansion. I love old houses and the stories they might tell!

    I have to be very careful, when I'm around potato chips...I guess I should really go have a look at that site...just in case. I could really use some more information about my favorite "crunchy snack"! talked me into it!

    Hope you're having a wonderful weekend, KJ!

  5. The mansion sounds so intriguing - just the kind of place I would love.

    I do not crave potato chips. Thank goodness. But, I do have my totally "non-nutritional" vices. Here's a hint: they turn your fingertips orange.

  6. Boy would I have enjoyed the visit you made to the old mansion. That's my idea of a good time. Everytime I see an old castle or mansion, I wish I could go inside and look around. I wish you had pictures of it to show. I love the bleeding heart picture. I had a bleeding heart plant once when we lived in California.

  7. Thanks for the kind words. :-)

    - Adam


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