May 14, 2008

What Does Country Living Mean To You?

Photo by Andre Baranowski - Country Living Magazine

In preparation for Country Living magazine's 30th Anniversary issue—scheduled for October 2008—the editors are asking for our feedback. Simply click HERE to leave your comments.

Note: My comments were more directed to the aspect of country, rather than the specific magazine. I also discovered that copying and pasting from Word into their comment box created some funky symbols, so you might want to do all of your composing at that site.


Beverly said...

This should be interesting. Thanks for the heads up and the link.

Mary Isabella said...

Are those flowers in the photo called Bleeding hearts??......Mary

Rosemary said...

Sounds interesting. I will have to check it out.

NeereAnDear said...

Will have to check that out for sure!

Looks like I have missed a bit... need to go read your blog



Cyndi Evans said...

I do live in the country of south central Pennsylvania in a city called Carlisle. We love it. We kind of have an almost attack when we go visit back California with all the traffic and noise.

I love that the pace is so much slower here and how I don't have to leave an hour early to drive 15 miles.

I live at the base of the beginnning of the Blue Ridge mountains in a very lovely area of Pennsylvania..across the street from the Appalachian Trail.

Cyndi Evans

KJ said...

Cynderooni— thanks for you comments about PA. Bear always loves hearing about his home state.

To Everyone else... Hi!