Jun 5, 2008

An Apple a Day

I don't believe that an alarm sounded the exact moment I hit 50; but try to convince my body of that. All of a sudden, health has seemed like a slippery slope. I was already dealing with a left arm that had draped off the couch during a nap and twisted abnormally. Add to that, a metabolism on strike, a possible bone spur in my right heal, allergies, and eyesight that mimics a faulty pair of binoculars. All of this combined with mental pause and recent disappointments, well, I feel prompted to make adjustments.

If any of you are singers, you know what a nuisance allergies can pose to the vocal instrument. There was a time when nothing seemed to affect the quality of my song. Now, it is an ongoing battle.

I have been researching mouth, sinus, and intestinal hygiene in an effort to partner with my body's natural defense systems. My plan of attack has to do with "good" bacteria—probiotics—and staying on the offensive team when it comes to bad bacteria. Studies have proven that optimum health is hindered when strategic areas of our bodies are bacteria laden.

Here are my 4 main points of focus...
  • More consistent flossing...
  • Drinking organic Kefir on an empty stomach to add healthy bacteria to my intestines...*
  • Using a Neti Pot to cleanse my sinuses...**
  • Whole foods...
I have only been doing these 4 things for a brief period of time; however, I am already beginning to lose weight! I am also experiencing more energy and a reduced incidence of the mucous monster. If these are the short term results, I'm eager to see what the long term advantages will be!

Organic Kefir contains probiotics. Websters Dictionary defines probiotics as: "a preparation (as a dietary supplement) containing live bacteria (as lactobacilli) that is taken orally to restore beneficial bacteria to the body; also : a bacterium of such a preparation."
** A Neti Pot looks like a mini watering can. It is filled with saline solution and used to flush out nasal passages.


  1. OK - I know what the flossing thing is - but can you tell us more about the other 2?? 50, eh? Try 59 this year!!

  2. I've used the little pot! I think it works well...just like any saline rinse does for me...also keeping my allergies at bay helps with my sleepiness!
    I wondered what you were speaking of when you said 'once this weekend gets thru'? Whats up KJ?

  3. Hi KJ,
    Yes, you must keep your voice, your instrument, in good shape. I say this as one who has NO singing ability, but who is a great admirer of those who do!
    Sounds like you're being proactive about it.
    Take good care - you're a lovely person!

  4. Hey I DO ALL those same things...I take my pro-biotics differently I use their "Nature's Way...Primadolphilus" ones...but I still take them and the Acidolphilus and Enzymes..and other major vitamins....I've been meaning to write a post about the "neti pot" but didn't want to gross people out. HA!
    It is a GREAT thing for everyone and anyone to do though!

    Whole Foods in my expensive. I came out of there with like 3/4 of a filled bag and it was about $100.00 the other day. Blah. I hate that part.

    I haven't lost much weight right now because I take steroids for the RA....but it still HELPS me to maintain a healthy balance in my body. It could be worse you know?? That's how I think about it.

    I just WISH I would have started years and years ago..when I was healthier. I warn people all the time it NOW while your in good health. Don't wait.

    Hang in there....we will have new bodies one day. :~)

  5. Glad to hear that you're feeling better. Allergies are horrible this year, to say the least. I've been taking Zyrtec after trying Claritin and Allegra-D with no success. Thank you for the tips you shared. Natural is probably much better for us all.



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