Jul 7, 2008

Blog Blessings!

I have received an award! It is called the "Arte y Pico" award. It was bestowed upon me by the lovely DebraK who is usually up to her neck in bunnies. Appropriately, she hails from The Bunnies' Bungalow, a unique and uplifting blog.

This award was created to be given to bloggers who inspire others with their creative energy and talents whether it be in the form of writing, artwork, design, interesting material, or contributions to the blogging community.

I am humbled to receive this. It really is my goal to make a difference in whatever I put my hand and heart to do. Thank-you, DebraK!

Selecting new recipients is always difficult for me. I am blessed by so many blogs and friendships. So, I prayed about it.

The names that came to me are:

  1. Beverly of How Sweet the Sound for the celebration beautiful things, affirmation, and the color pink...
  2. Beverly of Tea Time and Roses for festive florals, a creative spirit, a positive attitude, and the pursuit of loveliness...
  3. Cielo of The House in the Roses for bountiful blooms, inspiration, and a zest for life...
  4. Miss Shabby (Phyllis) of Shabby in the City for playfulness, wit, spontaneity, randomly splashing paint on her blog canvas, and for the sensation of style...
You ladies are welcome to pass this award on!


  1. Donde esta mi Pico de Gallo? No problemo KJ Yo soy feliz con mi award! Muchas gracias! Te amo.
    What?! Your first comment en espanol?

  2. KJ, you were so sweet to think of me. I truly appreciate it, and I love blogging. Everyone offers a unique perspective and way of sharing. I believe we are all the beneficiaries.

  3. Oh my Karen thank you so much for thinking of me and allowing me to hold this beautiful award, and a Big Congratulations to you too! You are indeed a wonderful friend. Thanks!!



  4. Thank YOU, KJ for this precious award! It's an honor to receive it... specially knowing that faith was involved in the choosing...what a privilege!

    I'll talk about it soon




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