Jul 11, 2008


Melissa of The Inspired Room is celebrating her 1-Year Blogoversary! Basically, the party has been thrown for her since she is busy with her daughter's bridal shower, wedding preparations, and a possible move. If you haven't paid a visit to The Inspired Room before now, you are missing volumes of stimulus!

One of Melissa's Aussie friends used the term "chuffed" to describe her first year in blogging. This word was new to me and I agree that it describes things perfectly! I am chuffed to have discovered this adjective!


Pronunciation: \ˈchəft\

Function: adjective

Etymology: English dialect chuff
- pleased, puffed with fat

Date:1957 - British : quite pleased : delighted

More Good News! I was one of 3 winners in Judy's 1-Year Blogoversary Giveaway! I will be receiving the sweet "woodland maiden" that I showcased a few posts down! Thanks to all of you who referred me in your entry comments!


Betty Jo said...

Congrats on your win, and your blog award I see down there. I'm so sorry I missed your one-year blog give-away! I've been up to my eyeballs with busy and haven't gotten out into blog land much lately. But, Congratulations on your one year anniversary! Keep up the good work. xoxo

NeereAnDear said...

Well It looks as if I have missed many a post for a while.... I apologize.... I love coming here because you have so many interesting topics... Love the new word....

Like the eco friendly idea




Sheila said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I am thinking about writing again but I will probably wait a little yet. Your blog continues to be just as good as when you first started. Continued success!

Charlotte said...

Thanks for visiting my blog and for the lovely comments you made. Have a great weekend.

Melissa @ The Inspired Room said...

KJ, you are so sweet, thank you!!!

I feel the definition of chuffed suits me in more ways than one. "Puffed with Fat" can you get any more visual than that? LOL!

Happy day,

Beverly said...

Felicity and Melissa were making me want to feel chuffed, too. I've huffed and puffed, but had not chuffed. That's it, I am going to feel chuffed, too.

Chuffed - it's a good thing.

The Downtown Boutique said...

I got your email message. Did you get mine? I hope so! I can't wait to get my Amazon gift card! :-) I'm so excited!


Tea said...

Oh, cool! I love words! I'm completely chuffed to visit your blog, & thank you for the link to The Inspired Room...sounds wonderful.

Mary Isabella said...

I am so happy you won. It is such a beautiful gift......Hugs

Kathie said...

Chuffed! I like that. I love words.
Blessings from Costa Rica

DebraK from ~the Bunnies Bungalow~ said...

Congrats on winning & thanks for pointing to a giveaway!
Hugs, DebraK

DebraK from ~the Bunnies Bungalow~ said...

Oops, Thanks for pointing me to a blogoversary party.

Michele said...

Congratulations on winning one of the prizes!! How exciting!!

Also, thanks for referring us to The Inspired Room. Oh, and thanks for giving me a new word to use!


BittersweetPunkin said...

Melissa is one of my faves....
Congrats on your win!
Have a wonderful day,

PAT said...


Congrats on your wins. We've been meeting ourselves coming and going for the past several months. All of a sudden, I realized I had reached my 200th post. I published it yesterday (Sunday). It includes a little giveaway. If you have a minute, come on by and sign up!

Have a great week.

Tea Time and Roses said...

Hey Karen!

A Big Congrats on your win! I tell you, you are being blogged blessed all over the place! Thanks for such a sweet place to visit! Happy week to you!



Judy Hartman said...

Hi KJ,
Will you stop by my blog when you get a chance?