Jul 8, 2008

Summer Detours

Summer Detours:
  • Free audio downloads by LibriVox! I believe the Latin interpretation is a "book with voice." If you are desiring a FREE audio book (from the public domain), you will be pleased with the selections available in this resource library. All downloads can be listened to in iTunes and various mp3 players. The readers are volunteers with a passion for literature.
  • Have you printed art from your computer with less than favorable results? You'll find that the quality of the paper makes a world of difference. Strathmore Artist's Inkjet Papers are specifically designed for new technology and they are available in a variety of "textures, surfaces, and weights!" Check out
  • Add some zip to your sip! Harney & Sons has a refreshing selection of teas fit to be splashed over ice.


Ruth Welter said...

Hi KJ, I stopped by to wish you a very happy summer. I hope a lot of happy things are growing in your garden. Ah, I see in your post that you mentioned Harney Tea..they are my favorite, I pretty much only drink H&S tea now. I mailorder lots of tea from them each month. In fact, right now I am enjoying their vanilla tea for my morning cup. They are a FABULOUS tea company...


Merci-Notes said...

Thank You for all of your tips!!!
With Kindness,

Beverly said...

KJ, you are the best with all of the good tips.

I need some zip to my sip!

Judy Hartman said...

Wonderful tips!!
Guess what? Yours was the first name I pulled for my giveaway!! I'll be sending along the little woodland maiden picture (the one with the tipped head) and I hope you enjoy it!! It was amazing how my friends' names kept coming up - I'm so glad!!
Hugs, Judy

CIELO said...

Hi KJ.... I have posted about the awards at the House in the Roses--THANK YOU, again, for honoring me.

Blessings from our Father of Light