Jul 20, 2008

Husband Appreciation Day

Last Friday was Husband Appreciation Day. Wait! Don't run to your calendars. I was waving my scepter and decreed the holiday myself. To prove my devotion to Bear, alias Mr. Milkman, I even volunteered for dairy duty.

Off we flew at
O-dark-thirty into the sleepy villages of the Newport Coast. Well, not exactly villages... Try palatial estates. Bear's Friday route includes mansions on coastal ridges, surrounded by more modest homes that are still valued at over 2 million dollars!

While shagging—a milkman term used to describe a helper—I was looking forward to sharing a sunrise with Bear. Sadly, our sunrise was upstaged by a thick cloud layer that arrived before we did.

One of Bear's deliveries is to a prominent Orange County family.
Not far from their property, we have some friends who reside in a multilevel Romanesque home on a northwest facing slope. Their backyard vista includes the Newport Harbor, Catalina, and the Palos Verdes Peninsula.

I was quite impressed with Mr. Milkman! He knows his customers well and makes classy milk-truck-turns. As a personal touch, he carries the morning newspaper up to the porch and props it beside each milk delivery. Only one thing could have made the presentation better: glass milk bottles...

On the way home, we stopped at the Filling Station in Old Orange for a yumcious breakfast. By the time I arrived home, sleep deprivation had set in. How does he do it? So, we both ZZZzzz'd the Day!


  1. I'm not buying it! The leche that is...Bear looks like a golfer and shagging around here is picking up balls...KJ? Have you been picking up golf balls around big homes? Links? You know, by the sea? If your story is true of course, I'll take two gallons of 2% with lovely blue caps and a pint of half and half for my coffeeeee ;)
    Is that Bear's private jet?

  2. Miss Shabby, you are a nut! I guess shagging made it into the Milky Way, too! Private jet... I wish! Trust me, after seeing our friends home in that area (elevator and all), I wish we were pulling into one of those garages and having breakfast on the veranda. Fog or no fog!

    P.S. Does miniature golf count?

  3. I'm glad you have him as a blessing in your life.

    Teamwork is everything.

  4. I almost ran to the calendar to see if I missed something important like that! You're funny!
    Hope you have a fabulous week.
    Sandy :)

  5. LOL LOL I am cracking up over Ms shabby in the citys comment... you all are nuts hehe as for
    shagging... Austin Powers has another use for that word... woah!!!

    Have fun!!




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