Aug 6, 2008

Teahouse of the August Spoon - 2

Before I segue into the full on tea experience, I want to discuss my detours. As much as I love coffee and tea, I do need periodic breaks from caffeine and sugar. Celestial Seasonings has a product called Roastaroma. It's a blend of roasted barley, chicory, and carob; cinnamon, allspice, and Chinese star anise. It tastes like a spicy, herbal version of coffee.

To the Roastaroma, I add a bit of agave syrup, a natural sweetener from the agave plant. As a matter of fact, Tequila is a byproduct of agave. The flavor falls between sugar and honey. It doesn't elevate the blood sugar like sucrose does, and it's a natural alternative.

Back by popular demand, is Celestial Seasonings' Fast Lane Tea*!
Their website gives this description:
A welcome break from coffee, this high-energy tea blend contains the Java-grown leaves favored by the Dutch for centuries. We pack in eleuthero to create something extraordinary and strong. Along with eleuthero, we add spicy cinnamon and nutmeg for an exhilarating taste. When you need an all-natural boost without the coffee jitters, brew up a cup of Fast Lane Tea—the original energy drink!
*Fast Lane Tea is available on their website and at their Boulder Colorado facility.

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  1. I had to give up coffee. It made me feel lousy. Now I have it once a month at book club and stay awake all night long.


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