Jul 15, 2008

Today's Bouquets

During my first year of blogging, the feature called "Today's Bouquets" has come to represent the goodness and faithfulness of God. I began blogging shortly after my family's lifestyle had gone topsy-turvy. Through events that can only be explained as 11th hour miracles, we have resided at our current address for over 14 months! Circumstances screamed that we would be homeless and placing our possessions in storage. God had the last word...

The miracles continue as we have seen our IRS debt paid off; another bill anonymously reduced by $300.00; $2000.00 of debt forgiven; and provision made for costly dental work at a time when we are without medical insurance. We have made substantial progress and we are believing, through faith in God, that we will be current before 2008 is up.

Smith Wigglesworth, a tremendous soldier of God, once said, "Faith laughs at the impossible." I know what he meant. Laughter has brought liberty to me in the most ridiculous of times!

This last weekend marked the conclusion of my performance season at Catch the Vision Performing Arts.
I helped to direct the drama for "The Potter's Touch" and for the first time in years I watched the show in the audience. It was powerful! The show illustrated—through the arts—just how God designs and shapes our lives. The performances were driven by an intense energy and zeal for God, and the fruit was evidenced at the show's conclusion when many people stood to their feet during an invitation for prayer.

I also recently wrote and directed a play for my fabulous Junior Drama Team. I think this was my strongest team ever. It is so satisfying to conceive an idea, tailor it for the strengths of the children, and then watch them bring it to life!

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Photo by Serghei Starus from Moldova -


  1. You are amazing, KJ! Your talents are many and how wonderful are the ways in which you put them to use. Bravo and congratulations!

  2. KJ, your post today makes me happy. I feel so happy about your blessings, and happy to have faith in our fellow man. Life is good, and God is great.

    I'm sending you a cyber-hug.

  3. Praise God for his miracles in your life. We are also going through some tough times (hubby has been working one week on and one week off since January!) and have seen God do some really wonderous things for us. Faith is the victory!


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