Jul 21, 2008

Today's Bouquets

I told a wise friend of mine that our lives had been turned upside down in the last year and a half. She replied, "That's usually when God is turning your life right side up."

Entry: Saturday, July 19, 2008

I've been driving since 1976 and I have always had a car of my own; that is until a year ago. After Bear lost his business, I reluctantly said good-bye to my van. Bear now uses an old station wagon which I occasionally get to use. My daughter, Briana, graciously lends me her car; but she will be attending college full time this fall and getting married in January.

My vehicles have always represented more than transportation to me. My car is my prayer closet, rehearsal hall, think tank, and a vital part of my organization. Things are where I need them.

Both vehicles are older so I deal with pesky things like an automatic shoulder strap that stops a foot in front of me, visors that swing out and hit my face, cup holders that are too small, a steering wheel that's too low, and an optimistic gas gauge. Add Mental Pause to the equation and, well, it isn't pretty.

Although I protected my personal credit, the losses have hurt me. We've made several attempts to purchase new and used cars only to be offered sympathy.

Entry: Monday, July 21, 2008

Two months ago, one of my credit card companies sent me a pre-approved offer to buy a car. I was interested but I misread the expiration date. Last Thursday, I got the bright idea to reapply with the lender online. On Friday, they notified me that I was turned down. I was still licking my wounds when yet another pre-approved offer, from the same lender, arrived in Saturday's mail. Elmer fudd would say,
"That's pwetty scwewy!

My husband and I were on this like it was a game of Monopoly. When we arrived at the Nissan dealership we glanced at the expiration date. The deal was for next weekend. Nevertheless, on Sunday evening, I drove my new Nissan Versa home!

God can do ALL things! I have named my Nissan "Nissi" for Jehovah-Nissi meaning "...
The-LORD-Is-My-Banner" (Exodus 17:15). When Moses stood with uplifted hands on the hilltop while Israel prevailed over their enemies the Amalekites, this was the title given by Moses to the altar which he erected.

It came to pass, it didn't come to stay.


  1. Oh Kj, I do wish you many years of happiness with your Versa and many miles to the gallon! I hope you read the fine print, too!

  2. wow.... awesome bouquet! :)

    Have a great day KJ...


  3. Praise the Lord. I knew something would work out for you, and I'm so happy for you.

  4. Oh Karen that is fabulous! Enjoy your new beautiful car....does that mean more trips to San Diego! What a lovely post! Have wonderful week my friend!



  5. Congratulations, KJ!
    Wishing you more and more good fortune after a difficult year!
    Best wishes, my friend.

  6. THis is so wonderful. I am so glad for you. Have a great week....Mary

  7. KJ.... I am going through the exact same thing... no car... borrowing from others...

    Yesterday my brother lent me his spare I can run errands and go to the Dr thursday...

    There are a few kinks... the gas gauge is broken and there is CONDITIONING!

    I keep telling myself that I am/should be thankful.... to have a car .....even for a short period of time I have been without one for two months now and it feels as if my freedom has been taken away...

    As I drove in over 100 degree weather at 8 PM I kept saying to myself I am grateful ... I am grateful ...isnt this nice ... however by the time I arrived I was definitely questioning my own sincerity....being that I suffer severely from allergies .... when I walked in the door ... my head was ready to split wide open and I couldnt breath...

    Funny you should post about this as I was going to do one on this subject too... might incorporate yours in with my post with a link back to yours...

    Praying for a silver like yours would be NICE!!



  8. That is a cute little car! I drive a Scion and it means a lot to me too, more than just a car, it is like a cute little storage locker on wheels.

    Congrats, I am glad it worked out for you!

  9. I am so happy for you!!! I wish you and yours all the blessing that the Lord can give.

    Maria Cali

  10. Praise God for that special gift!



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