Aug 3, 2008

An award that I'm "Wylde" about!

This is the beautiful “Wylde Women Award.” Artist, Tammy Vitale created this whimsical celebration of sisterhood and expression. And, Jo of NeereAnDear Creations graciously bestowed this award upon me and I am honored and humbled, especially after reading the descriptions of the other recipients.

Purpose of the Award: To send love and acknowledgment to women who brighten your day, teach you new things, and live their lives fully with generosity and joy. Tammy would love to see this travel around the world!

Here are the rules:

1. You can give it to one or one hundred or any number in between - it’s up to you. Make sure you link to their site in your post.

2. Link back to this blog, Women, Art, Life: Weaving it All Together (so Tammy can go visit all these wonderful women.)

Again, this is difficult because I am inspired by many. However, today, these 3 ladies came to mind...

Judy of Fabric Art and Crafts... She shares her generosity and joy through the language of her art.
Beverly of How Sweet the Sound... She writes eloquently and always seems to find that unique perspective. The opening lyric to Joni Mitchell's "Both Sides, Now," came to mind when I thought of Beverly...
Rows and flows of angel hair
And ice cream castles in the air
And feather canyons everywhere
I've looked at clouds that way.
Beverly of Tea Time and Roses... She is the epitome of loveliness!

Thank-YOU, Jo!


  1. KJ!!!
    I love this award!!! Although many people think I'm a sweet person, there is a part of me that considers myself a bit wild!!! Thank you so much!!
    Wish we could get together for a cup of tea!! I love all of your tea posts!
    I'm taking a mini vacation (see my post today), but I'll definitely post about it when I get back!
    And thank you for the lovely comment on my hydrangea picture!
    Hugs to you!

  2. Karen my goodness what a awesome and lovely award! It is just beautiful! Like Judy I thank you so much my friend, what a very sweet surprise! You brighten my days with your sweet spirit, kind heart and inspiration! Thanks again my friend!

    Big Smiles...


  3. Gosh KJ! I sneaked a peek while I work, and you have made my day, my week, my year.

    I can't tell you how much it means that you thought of me. You and your blog are always a bright spot in my day.

    I can certainly see why you were given this award. You are always a bright light, and you love stretching to experience the out of the ordinary.

    This doesn't mean that I have to put my feet in with the fish, does it? ;-)

  4. Well, that last "be" post is mine. I have to claim it, and it perfectly exemplifies that my brain and fingers are not synchronized.

  5. MS KJ.... you truly deserve this award... which is why I gave it to you...

    Your words and posts are always fascinating and full of all kinds of interesting tidbits....

    I love coming here...

    sorry I missed the post...

    Have a lot going on...




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