Aug 12, 2008

Teahouse of the August Spoon - 5


There are those who regard taking tea as a featured component of a normal day. Others view the tea ritual as a grand splurge and many have no interest at all. The "splurge" set has more than likely not grown up with the habit of taking tea, and the thought of preparation and clean-up seems to defeat the objective: relaxation.

Many moons ago, I introduced The Perpetual Tea Tray in some of my retail workshops. I suggested that the ladies always have a tea tray ready for the act of tea. There's nothing more inviting than a well prepared tea tray with instructions that read, "Just add hot water." I also encouraged the ladies to tailor the tea tray to celebrate the events of each month or season.

Tomorrow, I will be showing my August themed tea tray, and I invite YOU to submit a photo of your ideal tea tray. Simply email a photo to me by
Monday, August 18th at Midnight PST. I will be happy to post your photo here with a link back to your blog.


  1. I am a tea and coffe drinker, but I have never really made a ritual of it. I come from a long line of farmers who didn't make a fuss about their beverages:>) I have always been intrigued by the tea ritual though and I look forward to seeing what you mmean by the perpetual tea tray:>)Maybe it will be something lovely that I can use. You may turn this farm girl into someone who makes a fuss:>)

  2. KJ,
    I have emailed you my picture and a short message.
    I am so enjoying your blog. I love all the beautiful pictures.So much fun. I am going back to reading the rest. Hugs, Bobbi Jo

  3. Hi KJ,
    Love this photo and the idea of a perpetual tea tray! I'm more of a coffe drinker(my husband works for a coffee brewing company!)but do enjoy tea also!
    I have fond memories of going to tea shops in England and Ireland, and being served a full tea, with bone china,lace doilies and finger sandwiches!! Ah, such a lovely custom!!
    Love this series on tea!
    Big hugs!!!


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