Aug 23, 2008

Random Madness

At 50 years old I've reverted back to my adolescence! I'm writing on walls, SuperPoking people, describing menial tasks, designing Pieces of Flair, and asking people to be my friends. Oh, and I'm using my best bargaining powers saying, "If you'll be my friend I'll let you play with my Barbie," or "You can ride my tricycle 2 times around the block." I've haven't been rejected yet, but I'm prepared to play hopscotch alone.

"How did this happen?" you ask. Well, my Pastor's wife invited me to join Facebook. Even my Pastor has been writing random things on my Facebook wall. Everyday, more of our church members are emerging from their refinement, leaping like little lambs in an unfenced pasture. And you know what? It's kind of fun...

Do YOU want to be my Facebook friend? I'll let you have my all-day sucker. (I've only licked it 3 times.) I'm listed under Karen June Miller.

NOTE: Miss Shabby alerted me to a Tea Personality Quiz. The link and the results of my quiz can be found on the bottom right sidebar...almost at the end.


  1. I took the test, and it came back that I am black tea. Ooh! I'm not sure I like me anymore.

  2. I added you to my facebook friends! Now I'm going to take the tea

    Hope all is well with you. I found a new napkin fold book at the bookstore and tried my hand at a candle came out pretty cute but I didn't like the color of napkin I choose to demo it. I may give it another try and post it on my blog this weekend.

  3. Oh, you're on there too? Yeah! Lets be friends :)

  4. Hey Karen!

    Hope your week is starting off just fabulous! I do not know that much about Facebook, but I indeed do call you a friend! :o) I'm off to take the tea test!




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