Aug 16, 2008

Spiritual Sundays: Faith

Here's another "Perpetual Tea Tray" as part of the Tea House of the August Spoon series. This is an Asian tea setting using a lime cast iron pot. These pots are wonderful for keeping tea hot for longer periods, and the weight and texture of the pot lends a nice sensory element. I love utilizing these Asian pots and teacups during my quiet time.


Hebrews 11:1 (The Message) - Faith in What We Don't See

1-2 The fundamental fact of existence is that this trust in God, this faith, is the firm foundation under everything that makes life worth living. It's our handle on what we can't see. The act of faith is what distinguished our ancestors, set them above the crowd.

Faith never stands around
with its hands in its pockets.


  1. KJ, your post today speaks volumes. We truly don't have to be able to see in order to believe. It is the comfort of our faith that carries us on our venture through this life.

  2. This text is made so vibrant in the Message version. I had actually never seen a quote from that version. Wonderful....

  3. Such an important scripture. I like the way The Message says it. Thank you for sharing on Spiritual Sundays. I like your previous post also. The cup and saucer are so pretty. I'm a coffee drinker myself. I love iced tea but don't care for hot tea.
    Have a great Sunday.

  4. Your tea set looks perfect to sit and have quiet time and reflect on your beautiful passage.

    Have a Wonderful Sonday!
    Kathi :)

  5. Beautiful reminder of trusting even when we cannot see what is ahead.
    I loved the quote at the end of your post, what a blessing..Thank you for sharing..

    Blessings Joyfulsister

  6. Your post also reminded me of how faith and hope go hand in hand and how important they both are! I love tea and quite agree that tea is great to have with times of reflection! I don't have that kind of tea pot--It looks great!!

  7. I had the wonderful opportunity to travel to Orange County in 2000 with my husband and daughter. It's the best vacation we've ever was beautiful and my daughter always wants to go back there. What beautiful flowers you have year round.

  8. Hi, KJ! Sorry so slow getting back here...busy days! :o) I love this serene, thoughtful post...and the tea image goes so well with it--very pretty. Happy Days...and thanks so much for visiting ((HUGS))


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