Aug 10, 2008

Spiritual Sundays: New Beginnings

Friday the 13th has never given me the heebie-jeebies, and any concerns over walking under ladders or stepping on cracks has always seemed silly to me. In Judaism, the number 13 is the number for LOVE. The "Love" chapter is found in I Corinthians 13. Additionally, when Jesus was present with the 12 disciples, there were 13 in number.

Despite my lack of superstition, I have had some sobering encounters with evil. I just don't subscribe to the little fears that can rule a life.

The Olympic Games began their Opening Ceremonies at 8:08 on August 8, 2008. This translates to 8-8-8 at 8:08. The Chinese believe that the number 8 represents wealth and prosperity. The Bible, too, is very much into numbers: not numerology, but numbers that have great significance in the eyes of God.

Biblically, the number 8 represents new beginnings. The number 7 stands for completion. Seven days make a week and the 8th day is the beginning of the next week. On a piano, 7 notes are included in a musical scale. The 8th note is the beginning of a new register. Hence, the number 8 suggests starting afresh at a higher level or plain.

As it happens, my favorite number is the number 8. When Barry and I were praying about a wedding date, we both came back to each other with December 8th. Neither of us even knew if this date was a Saturday, and it was. Since then, we have witnessed many new beginnings throughout our almost 24 years of marriage.

When I was in 6th grade I learned a way of checking addition that involves reducing numbers to a single digit. For instance, the number 87 would be reduced to 8+7=15 and then 15 would be reduced to 1+5=6. Later, I discovered that Judaism reduces numbers in the same way.

We went through a season of layoffs that ended exactly 7 years, to the month, from when it began. The 8th year brought favor, a new home, and the birth of a son whose Birthday reduces to the number 8. Even my own Birthday, 1-29-1958 equals 8.

When we lost Barry's business over a year ago, our landlord, unaware of this loss, decided to sell our home. We ended up moving out on the 7th of May; and May 8th was our first day at the new address. As we recovered from our setbacks, 2 major financial miracles came about on the 8th of two different months, just in time to meet our rent obligation.

We signed the paperwork for a new car about a month ago. The dealership congratulated us and handed us the keys. A week and a half later, we began receiving phone calls and letters telling us that we had been declined. How could we be driving a car without approval? Well, last Friday (8-8-8) a lender called to make sure that our new vehicle was being added to our insurance policy! It was a done deal!

Also on Friday we were able to start an online business with funds we received that day! And, 2 Giveaway prizes arrived in the mail. Closure and increase had come to us on 8-8-8: triple new beginnings!

I don't pretend to understand how God works, but PRAISE HIM FOR NEW BEGINNINGS!

NOTE: My series on "tea" continues tomorrow. I will be discussing The Perpetual Tea Tray.


  1. This is very interesting. I knew about the significance of some numbers, but not 13 or 8. Like you, I am not superstitious, but I know that evil certainly exists. Thank you for sharing on Spiritual Sundays.

  2. So glad things have worked out for you, KJ, and good luck with your new business!!!!

  3. Just on th 8th of this month someone I work with was telling me that 8 was a lucky number. I wish the best for you and your husband.
    Thank-you for posting on Spiritual Sunday.

  4. KJ, this was a great spiritual Sunday post. Very interesting and deep. Thanks for sharing. xxoo

  5. (((HUGS))) and best wishes with your new beginnings!

  6. I will have a drawing starting tomorrow on Delights of the Heart, come by to enter.

  7. I will have a drawing starting tomorrow on Delights of the Heart, come by to enter.

  8. It is truly amazing how the number 8 has figured in your life. I wonder if I could find any such correlations in my own life experiences. Sadly, I am not good with math or with numbers.


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