Aug 7, 2008

Teahouse of the August Spoon - 3

One of my favorite tea traditions is purchasing The Collectible Teapot & Tea Calender written by Joni Miller and photographed by Martin Brigdale. The text is informative and the photographs inspire cravings and a deep desire to stage tea vignettes throughout my home.

Joni captures the fellowship of tea on the introduction page of the 2008 edition:
In Reverend Sydney Smith's day, gentlemen as well as ladies enjoyed being asked to attend a sociable five-o'clock tea in the drawing room. Although many gentlemen took tea at their clubs, an invitation to an "At Home" was always welcome. Guests usually arrived in the drawing room between a quarter past four and half past five. These get-togethers gave one and all an opportunity to make new acquaintances and to renew old friendships. A butler or footman usually brought the tea caddy, teapot, kettle, and delicate teacups into the room, but it was the hostess who brewed the tea, graciously proffering the filled cups to guests herself or asking one of the gentlemen to assist. And among the array of "dainties" one could expect were paper-thin bread and butter tea sandwiches, a fanciful cake, and assorted tartlets.
My good friend, Debbie, treated me to an enchanting High Tea on Tuesday. Except for a sweet waiter whose chattiness somewhat prolonged the arrival of each course, everything blended beautifully. We did, however, need to take our tea sandwiches and chocolate mousse home with us.

After arriving home, I allowed the display of tea leftovers to flirt with my daughter Briana's sensibilities, promising her that we would share these indulgences. There were no objections.

First I needed to run some errands, and while I was gone, I received a disturbing phone call. Briana alerted me that my 13-year old son, Bryce, had devoured the sandwiches during a refrigerator raid and that he had generously shared with his friends! Yes, I did teach my teenager to share...

Timing is everything, isn't it? Bryce can be very thankful that I was several miles away when I heard this news. I wasn't happy. Not only was I looking forward to this late afternoon snack, but I knew full well that not one of those boys had truly appreciated the quality of those dainties as they wolfed them down!


  1. The teacup and saucer is lovely in your blog.

    I will pray for Bryce! Bad boy. hee hee.

    Love you.

  2. Hello Karen!

    Such a lovely photo! Sounds like your tea time was wonderful, and is always special when you spend that time with a friend! Although the weather has been a bit warm and a little humid, it has been the perfect summertime weather to go out and enjoy yourself! Continue to enjoy all this lovely sunshine!



  3. Oh my goodness! Wicked child! lol, ah well, I am sure he would have never devoured your special snacks if he had known how much you were looking forward to them:>)

  4. I buy the same calendar each year. I wrote a post about my collection of these calendars with photos:


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