Aug 13, 2008

Teahouse of the August Spoon - 6.5

Since a blog is a little like reading a book backwards, I need to explain anything that is part of a series. My August 12th post began my discussion on The Perpetual Tea Tray. I invited my guests to submit their August themed tea tray photos. Bobbie-Jo gave us her soothing combination just one post below. In this installment, I present 2 more themed trays...

Above is my August tea setting. It is comprised of a hand painted teapot that my mother brought to me from Italy. An Asian pear rests on a bamboo plate along with a bamboo spoon ready to measure out loose leaf Jasmine tea. A buttery napkin folded in the tea mug mimics a bouquet.

And here is another shot that brings the tropical background into full view. No, this isn't Hawaii.

Marilyn of Delights of the Heart hopped on over from Oregon. She recently experienced a Taiwanese WuWo tea in her backyard. She describes it below...

"The WuWo Tea Ceremony was developed in Taiwan and is a fairly new ceremony. It is done in the out of doors, all participants sit in a circle to create equality. It was developed to include everyone from prince to pauper. Each brings their own tea and service as you see in the picture. That is my set. There are 4 cups and you serve the 3 people to your left and then yourself. You then sit and sip each of the cups of tea. This is all done in silence as a meditative ceremony. When the group I participate with does this, we often end with a poem. I sometimes carry my set with me in my purse when I am traveling or to meet someone at the park to have tea. You also bring a thermos with hot water. Oolong teas work the best, as the water does not have to be boiling hot."

Thank-YOU, Marilyn, for sharing something that was new to me!

I am accepting new August tea tray photos up until Monday, August 18th at Midnight PST. If you have anything you would like to share, simply email the photo to me and I will post it here with a link back to your blog.


  1. Thanks for posting my tray with the WuWo Tea Ceremony setting.

  2. All of these tea trays are so pretty. Thank-you so much for sharing them what a great idea.

  3. Ummm, KJ? I can't stand on my head! Is there some tea for that? Could I do yoga if I drink a certain kind? :)

  4. What a pretty wicker tray! Ok, now I will have to see what I can come up with for a tea tray, now that I get the concept of the perpetual tea tray:>)

  5. Your tea trays are beautiful --- I was happy to see Marilyn's WuWo tea setting!!!!



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