Aug 29, 2008

Tra la la...

The banner and the opera singer are from Artella's Postal Passion Kit

I finally did it! After over a year of blogging, I became bold enough to stick my toe out of the template. I have tried to explore digital scrapbooking before now, only to be shunned by manufacturers who don't like Macs. And, although I have Photoshop, I really don't have time for tutorials. So, I found an application that's tailored for Mac and I gave it a whirl.

The above banner is my second effort. Once I finished it, I took the total plunge and changed my blog template. You know how it is... One coat of paint and everything else looks lusterless. There's no turning back.

If any kind soul can tell me how to place wallpaper behind my blog, I will be eternally grateful.

NOTE: Need some good bubble popping therapy? Check out the bottom of my blog.


  1. Kj, Love your new banner and format!!! If someone tells you how to put wallpaper on each side, will you share it?
    Don't know what I would do without your blog-always fun, entertaining and inspirational!!

  2. Well, I know what to do, and how to do it, but the question is... how much do you know about html code? :0) Because you'll have to go in and work on the code. Oh, and BTW, it's not a picture on one side and a picture on the other, it's one picture behind the entire thing. Now, it can be tiled or repeated, but that's getting into it a bit more. Think of traditional scrapbooking, you have a background and build upon that. I can give you some basic things, but I don't want to waste my time or yours, if it's something you don't think you can handle. :0) Let me know.
    A Hoosier Family
    Assembly of God Blogs

  3. Hi Sharon... I have no way to reach you since your profile doesn't have a link. So, hopefully you will check back.

    I have never taken html classes, but I have been studying what I see and learning to plug in information to create things like functional buttons on my blog. If it's a matter of plugging in a jpeg tile or repetitive pattern, I would be interested in learning that. Even if it's a tad more complex.

    Since you mentioned it, I do realize that the background is one piece. I have seen it load before all of the blog layers are put in place. I guess I wanted to distinguish between the main blog background color or image and the screen wallpaper.

    Perhaps I can call you. I have a few thousand items of clipart and background images. I really would like to learn.

    Email me through my profile.

    Thnx so much,

  4. WOW....okay I love it!!!
    Good tell me how you did it!! HA! I haven't had the guts nor courage to change mine up either.
    In fact...looks like MANY of us want to learn this. We need a class.
    That "HTML" thing just scared me....Good Lord I need to go to computer school....which isn't a bad thought you know?
    I might be out of commision after Monday for awhile...just depends on the if you don't hear from me or I can't post anything for a bit...that's the reason.
    You never know......wretched storms.....ugh.
    See you.....

  5. It took me forever to figure out why my profile wasn't showing up on your blog. I logged in wrong when I was at your blog, to leave a comment. Okay, makes sense. But always know... you can contact me via Assembly of God Blogs, too. I'm the owner/creator, and you have the link on your blog. :0)

    With a busy holiday weekend, and five blogs to add to the Assembly of God Blogs network, and starting up my college computer classes again next week, I'm swamped. What I'm going to do is direct you to a site that explains it just as well as I could/would, and best part... it's there, ready to go. I think this will be a big help/resource to you, it looks to be a great site. :0)

    Scroll down the page and look for the small header "To change the color background/graphic"

    Hope this helps! :0)

    A Hoosier Family at gmail dot com

    PS I logged in correctly this time, so you can access my profile and links to my blogs, etc. :0D

  6. KJ, what a beautiful banner you created. It really sets your page off well. I like visiting you and seeing what you'll come up with next. Keep it up, you're doing great.

    Come back and visit me when you get a chance. xxoo

  7. Hi KJ, Glad to see you stopped by my blog....where have you been?

    Looks like you are getting advice about changing your background. I may have to check out the site Sharon recommends. Whenever I want to try something new on my blog I play in a test blog first.....I've messed up my blog before so now I do it the safe way first....just create another blog & play with that do have to edit the brave girl, you can do it. If you need more help...just ask.
    Hugs, DebraK

    Love your new look!

    Oh, if you only want wallpaper on the sides of your blog, like mine you need to change your template.

  8. Hello Karen!

    Wow the place looks fabulous! What a beautiful job you have done here...I just love it! Have a wonderful holiday weekend!



  9. I'm in shock at the name of your blog post after I just said 'tra la la' to you!!! Unreal!
    YOURBLOGLOOKSAMAZING! Brave you for trying it!
    I popped your bubbles on facebook with gleeeeee!


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