Sep 21, 2008

20 Little Things to Treasure in Autumn

Melissa of The Inspired Room has invited each of us to share our autumnal feast of favorites. Many people favor this season. Autumn has always been my favorite. I relish what every season has to offer, but fall—in particular—is about changing the color palette, letting go, embracing creature comforts, and beginning to cozy up in one's nest.

Matthew Mead Style

Here are my little things to treasure:

  1. Family...
  2. Inviting the outdoors in...
  3. Pumpkin everything: soup, butter, pie, pasta...
  4. Seasonal candles displayed with imagination...
  5. Squash...
  6. Godiva Pumpkin Spice truffles
  7. Comfort food...
  8. Pouring over the fall issues of my fav magazines...
  9. Hot spiced cider...
  10. Harney and Sons - Cranberry Autumn Tea
  11. Crispy nights and snuggling with my hubby...
  12. Autumnal tablescapes...
  13. Roasted vegetables...
  14. Smooth jazz...
  15. Vintage Fall illustrations...
  16. Listening to fallen leaves skate with the wind...
  17. Crafting...
  18. Handwritten cards and letters...
  19. The sweet aroma of baking...
  20. Harvest Festivals...

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  1. Hello KJ, I have been remiss and haven't visited lately. My cousin is here with her husband and I have a hard time getting some computer time.
    I love your favorite things and photos. Your text is always very cleverly written. Take care.

    Hugs, Jeanne

  2. Lovely reasons to cherish the season! I love reading about everyone's favorites, and have come to the conclusion that we all like pretty much the same things. Fall is a peaceful season - I guess because we're all in one accord! ::Jill

  3. Great list! So many favorites shared. Enjoy the comforts of the season!

  4. Oh what a great list! Autumn is also my favorite season. The pumpkin, baking, cool nights and spiced cider rank up there as some of my favorites also.

  5. Karen, Autumn with you sounds warm, cozy - and yummy.

    I hope you enjoy every minute.

  6. Hi KJ! Oh, I too adore Fall! Everything about it seems so perfect to me. Not too hot, not too cold. Cozy clothes. Tasty treats. Books. Beautiful colors. Family activities. What could be more wonderful than that?

    Hope all is well...glad you participated in the fun. I'm sure enjoying all the lists!


  7. Hi KJ, Loved the pictures with your list- Gave me a warm and cozy feeling.
    I too Love Fall- thanks for your list.
    Happy Day

  8. OMG...I love your list. Oh my, I need to try some Godiva Pumpkin Patch truffles!!! You have to come & see The Grinch at the Old Globe! It is sooo good!!

  9. Autumn is my favorite, too. And I really enjoy Matthew Mead as well. Have you seen the fall leaves between glass that he does? I'm thinking that will be a project for me this week. I love the stenciled produce baskets.

  10. nice list mamma! I like it all. I LOVE fall. It is just the best season! Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  11. Hey girl, come over and say hello. I miss your visits. I am enjoying a hot cup of tea. I wonder where it came from. Smiling.


  12. Fabulous favorites... fall is one special time of year... I love the changing colors and the beauty of the leaves... crisp cool nights... snuggling..

    Great job on your list

    On the mend... one step at a time... surgery went ok with a minor complication but I am getting there



  13. The Cranberry Autumn tea sounds wonderful. Love your Autumn list...Kathy

  14. what a lovely and "centered" place you have here. that butter looks yum! thanks for stopping by the lylah blog!

    blessings! lylah

  15. I agree with everything on your list. Fall is my favorite seasons. From the colors to the clothes, I love it!

  16. What a great list, I need to try some of those!

    Bella :)

  17. I'm really enjoying visiting all of the wonderful posts at The Inspired Room that pertain to this topic. I'm feeling seasonally saturated!

    Thanks for all of your comments here!


  18. Thanks for coming to visit - your fall list is great and I love Matthew Mead style too.

    The thing that I am really inspired to do right this second is try your recipe for chocolate cream coffee......

  19. Enjoyed your list and hey that cake looks too good.


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