Sep 7, 2008

Spiritual Sunday: An Apple a Day

"Anyone can count the seeds in an apple, but only God can count the number of apples in a seed."
-Robert H. Schuller

"Good apple pies are a considerable part of our domestic happiness."
-Jane Austen

Autumn and school days definitely evoke images of apples. Likewise, the apple almost seems to be synonymous with Adam and Eve. However, contrary to common folk lore, the Bible does not identify the forbidden fruit as being an apple. In fact, that fateful food from the Tree of Knowledge was referred to only as fruit! The apple took the rap when Hugo Van Der Goes included it in his famous 1470 AD painting, The Fall of Man.

Nonetheless, apples do receive Biblical recognition. Solomon refers to apples romantically. Joel includes a withering apple tree in a picture of desolation. Proverbs 25:11 (NKJ) gives apples ornate stature with, "A word fitly spoken is like apples of gold In settings of silver." And, often "the apple of His eye" or "...Your eye," is used to indicate God's affection for Israel.

On a scientific note, studies are proving that the popular saying, "An apple a day keeps the doctor away," carries a great deal of weight. The apple helps with bone protection and asthma; cholesterol levels and Alzheimer prevention; lung, colon, liver, and breast cancer prevention; and diabetes management. It was even shown in a Brazilian study that women who ate 3 apples or pears a day, lost more weight than women who didn't.

Isn't it interesting that God chose the the health filled, vibrant apple, not to identify with sin, but to represent His affection for Israel?

Apple Facts - From EAT THIS
  • Apples float because 25% of their volume is air.
  • The word apple comes from the Old English aeppel and the Celtic word for apple is abhall.
  • Quercetin is found only in the apple skin. The skin also contains more antioxidants and fiber than the flesh.
  • China produces more apples than any other country.
  • There are more than 7500 varieties of apples grown in the world.
  • About 2500 varieties are grown in the United States.
  • Red Delicious is the most popular and most-produced apple in the United States. Golden Delicious is the second most popular.
  • The only apple native to North America is the crabapple.
  • Apple trees don't bear their first fruit until they are four or five years old.
  • Johnny Appleseed was the nickname for John Chapman, a kind and generous American pioneer born in 1774 who planted apple seeds in Ohio, Indiana, and Illinois.
  • The Adam's apple is so-called because of a popular idea that it was created when the forbidden fruit got stuck in Adam's throat when he swallowed it.


  1. I love this! One of my favorite verses is I am the apple of His eye. What a wonderful morning reminder you've given me.

    Have a blessed Sonday!
    Kathi :)

  2. Have a blessed week. I've been so busy and haven't had a chance to stop by as often as I would like - my soul feels filled after my visit today!! Thanks for those verses and gentle reminders.

  3. Your post makes me want to go out and buy some apples. My son eats an apple every day and has for many many years. He loves them. I really didn't realize how "Biblical" apples were. Thank you for pointing this out. This is an excellent post for Spiritual Sundays. Thank you for sharing.

  4. WOW! what a great post.I never knew the there were so many different kinds of apples. I was one of those people who assumed that Eve at an apple, I'm not sure why I thought that. Thank-you for sharing this today,

  5. Thoughtful and informative post. Thank you for sharing these morsels of wisdom.

  6. Whoo hoo, now I'm gonna send my hubby out for some apples *smile*, Thanks for sharing this. Somehow I too wondered how they ever got the idea it was an apple with Adam and Eve. It could have been a fig lol.
    Blessings Lorie


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