Sep 19, 2008


Good Housekeeping -

Kimono - Something to Wear

This Japanese loanword designating a loose-fitting robe opens a big box of exotic associations for many English speakers, so it's somewhat ironic that the components of it in Japanese only mean "wearing" and "thing."

Courtesy of Visual Thesaurus


Annie said...

Good morning KJ. I noticed your comment to Julie about click following and not being a follower. I thought, "A woman of like mind. I have to go visit." And how glad I am that I did. What I have seen so far, I very much like. I've bookmarked you so I don't lose you. Best wishes from one California girl to another, Annie.

Mary Isabella and Kiley too! said...

Have a Blessed weekend..m.

Carolyn (Harbor Hon) said...

Oooo! You have the prettiest magazines I've ever seen. And I learned something new too. xxoo

Julie said...

I will be looking into magazine I am looking for some vintage Halloween magazine covers. Thanks!

PS - I see my friend Annie here. She is a wonderful person. When I lost my job in February she actually phoned me!! The first blogger - and only - blogger to call me!!!!!!