Sep 7, 2008

Points of Interest

Be sure to check out...
  1. "Poetry Challenge: Diamond Poetry" - a poetry contest with a prize, directly below this post.
  2. "Spiritual Sundays: An Apple a Day" - 2 posts down.


Sandi McBride said...

Have to go back and check out that poetry challenge...just wanted to say that I know what you mean about the rotator cup problem...I gave this advice to the wrong gal, don't know how I managed it! But when I was in therapy for my rotator cup injury the best of all the exercises they gave me was the spider up the wall...stand and face the wall, put your fingers against the wall and walk them like a spider up above your head as far as you can comfortably reach and just a little bit more to stretch that this five times 3 times a day...then the next week 10 times 3 times a day...and keep doing it till you notice a lessening in pain...I still have to go back to doing it on occasion because I didn't want the guarantee that it would fix the problem so I didn't see much point in putting myself through it! Good luck sweetie, and let me know how it goes~

Jeanne said...

Hi KJ, I posted the tea gift today. Come on over and take a look. Sorry it took so long to show my appreciation. This surgery has now been two weeks. I am coming right along. Love the tea.


CIELO said...

I got it.... I got it!.... I got the tea! :) I will talk about it at my blog as soon as I can... my sincere THANKS!


BittersweetPunkin said...

That was an excellent comment on my "rant"...You are so right!Thank you for stopping by!