Sep 30, 2008


In the midst of our turbulent money market, 2 of my banks received name changes this week. Yesterday's banking was like returning sugar to a neighbor, only to wonder if I had knocked on the right door.

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  1. Hello KJ, I have just scrolled down your most recent posts and marvel at your shopping invitation. I am interested but feel inadequate to shop on line. I never have shopped on line before. I see the definite advantages, such as the reasons you listed on your previous post. I will give it a try.

    Sorry you haven't been hearing from me but my life has been pleasantly interrupted by two solid weeks of overnight guests. The last of them left this am. sigh. Not one of them use a computer. sigh.

    I'll be back tomorrow to check out the shopping thing. A whole day to myself to do whatever I want. What a concept. Smile.

    Hugs, Jeanne


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