Sep 9, 2008


Voting has been disabled. The winner will be posted today, Saturday, September 13th.

In my recent post, "Poetry Challenge: Diamond Poetry," I invited my visitors to exercise their poetic prowess. I received some wonderful submissions and before I can reward one these poets with a $10.00 Gift Card, I need YOU to cast your vote.

Here are the simple rules for voting...

  • You may not vote for you own poem. (This will make the results more interesting.)
  • Quickly review the example and the Diamond Poetry instructions— two posts down.
  • Choose the poem that inspires you most and closely follows the instructions.
  • Vote for only ONE poem.
  • Then, in the "Comments" section of this post, give the # of the poem that you have selected.
  • The deadline for voting is Friday, September 12th at Midnight PST. The winner will be posted the following day.
Example by KJ
Torrid, Humid
Lounging, Sipping, Napping
Shades, Sundress — Sweater, Scarf
Raking, Piling, Leaping
Windy, Dry

1. Beverly wrote...
Colorful, Pretty

Blooming, Renewing, Refreshing

Flowers, Bunnies - Leaves, Pumpkins

Raking, Baking, Carving

Chilly, Frosty


2. kari and kijsa wrote... (kari)
Verdant, effervescent

Bursting, burgeoning, maturing

Life, voyage, journey, chapter

Trumpeting, spiraling, swirling

Stark, empty


3. kari and kijsa wrote... (kijsa)
orange, smooth

seeding, cutting, carving

eyes, nose - seeds, fruit

mixing, stirring, patting

oven, plate


4. CIELO wrote...
Magical, mellow

Reaping, dreaming, nestling

Leaves, haze -- daffodils, birds

Planting, dancing, singing

Luminous, limpid


5. ShabbyInTheCity wrote...
itchy, kissy

bumping, laughing, flirting,

Autumn, Halloween, Christmas, Winter,

bundling, singing, celebrating,

snowy, jingly,


6. Mary Isabella and Kiley too! wrote...
orange, round
tricking, treating, baking,
jack-o-latern, halloween, pie, Thanksgiving,
snowing, falling, freezing

cold, frosty



KJ said...

From Briana (who does not have a blog)

No. 2

kari and kijsa said...

Okay- is this fair? I want to vote for kari (#2)-
Teehee- loved this-


ShabbyInTheCity said...

Hard to choose and I'll give runner-up to Kijsa for "oven, plate, pie" but I think I'll choose Mary Isabella's! Maybe she'll take me to Starbucks ;)

BailiwickDesigns said...

They're all wonderful! I'll cast my vote for #5. ::Jill

Mary Isabella and Kiley too! said...

I want to vote for number 5....

Meghan said...

I vote number 5.

Mary Isabella and Kiley too! said...

I accidentally published before I was finished commenting. I think they all were so good. This was a fun thing to do and I thank-you for hosting it. I send my blessings and hugs...m..

Judy Hartman said...

Hard to choose - wonderful poems! - but I vote for #2!

Jeanne said...

KJ, I loved your comment on my post and the very wise poem you wrote in the 6th grade. Thank you for sharing a little of your past.

I did write a diamond poem but didn't think is was very good so I didn't write in on your post. Such is life.
I will vote though.

My sister came over today and wanted a cup of the tea you gave me.. She read my post and nothing else would do. she made the tea and we enjoyed a cup together. She loved it.

I vote for Beverly #1

Hugs, Jeanne

Mrs.Kwitty said...

Those are all so wonderful!! I've never heard of the diamond poem before (I'm always learning here KJ!) I had a hard time choosing, but think I'm gonna have to pick the one by ShabbyintheCity.
Smiles, Karen

Rosemary said...

Hi KJ,
I vote for #3, although they are all good.

Joyfulsister said...

Hi Kj..

I would like to vote for
Kari No. 2 It was hard to choose, but the words to Kari's I could relate too!!

Hugz Lorie

kari and kijsa said...

Okay...seriously...kijsa went over here and didn't tell to make it even I want to vote for her (although I would vote for all of them if I could)...great contest and each poem is truly special!

BTW...Whitney called and I told her about the contest. She THOUGHT she knew what a diamond poem was (she was a journalism major in college) until I started using words like "participle" and then she was speechless (which is VERY rare for her)! LOL!

Have a blessed and wonderful day!

smiles, kari

Rosemary said...

This was hard! They were all so clever and creative... but I vote for #5.

Marilyn Miller, the Marmalady said...

I vote for #4.

I liked the words used and the hope of Spring after the Winter.

Jeanne said...

Hello KJ, just stopped in to say hello today. Have a good one.


Mel's World said...

Great vote goes to...
Mary Isabella and Kiley too!

Denise Elizabeth said...

Hard to choose I'll vote for #3 They all are great! Denise