Oct 27, 2008

At Home with Kajumi

It began with Facebook. Karen, my pastor's wife, recently invited me to join and I did so reluctantly. To my delight, I began to enjoy the hookups with church and biological family, as well as friends past and present.

LET THE GAMES BEGIN! There is no shortage of applications on Facebook! I immediately received requests for SuperPokes, little cyberspace gifts, pillow fights, interactive farms, various causes, and games. I even designed, RetroBliss, a gift application. Balance became a key objective.

Kajumi's Master Suite

Well, I was minding my own business when young and playful Autumn R. invited me to participate in Pet Society. Since Nano Pets had arrived on the scene after I was an adult, I seized the opportunity to create a surreal little creature that would take it's life from me (or take the life out of me.) I named my pet Kajumi, short for Karen June Miller. She arrived with just enough in her closet and trunk to sustain her for a few of days. The rest was up to me. To ward off flies, I established a feeding, bathing, and exercise schedule; and I began to decorate her ever expanding nest. I was in control.

Kujumi Smiling for the Camera

I invited Lela to play. Lela and I are both 50 years old. I reserved a house in the neighborhood and her new pet, Pinkie, slipped into our Pet Society life with grace and loveliness. I continued to calmly accumulate coins, belongings, and points. I was winning trophies and easily passing the status of my neighbors. I was ahead by a substantial margin. I was in control.

Then, I logged in to perform daily maintenance and Pinkie, who had just been several hundred points behind me, was now well in the lead. I was amused that Pinkie was beginning to dress like Kajumi. After a moment of silence, I prompted Kajumi to quickly begin skipping rope, visiting friends, jumping hurdles, and sending gifts, all in an effort to regain her standing. I WAS IN CONTROL.

Pinkie (left) & Kajumi (right)

My next visit to Kajumi showed me once again that Pinkie was not the passive little pet that I had assumed her to be. My plans to blog were waylaid, and suddenly I was compelled to make even larger strides to create distance between Pinkie and Kajumi. I began to borrow sugar and share food: two strategies that I devised to stay on top. I was checking Pet Society more often and monitoring the activity of other pets. Yes, I had become competitive! I WAS NOT IN CONTROL!

Then reality slapped me on the side of my head. I had watched my sons compete intensely with all of their electronic gadgetry, telling myself that I could truly play a game just for the fun of it. It wasn't important if I won or not. It was just a game after all. And, here I was at 50 years old, frolicking with virtual pets and chalking up points as if my life depended upon it. Uh, excuse me while I check up on Pinkie...


  1. I can identify with this. And, you have me ROFLOL. ;-)

    More power to Kajumi!!!

  2. Tsk tsk tsk shaking my head KJ,KJ,KJ! What are we gonna do with you? I saw that you had something 'virtual' going on but I wasn't gonna ask...cuz you might start to pry into my chocolate habit or somethin...

  3. KJ, you are too funny! Love that Kajumi, she's so pretty ... much prettier than Pinkie. You go girl! xxoo

  4. That KAJUMI is so cute. Blessings from Costa Rica

  5. KJ, I so understand your journey in the almost real game on your computer.

    My grandchildren introduced me to Webkins and I truly became obsessed with raising money feeding my pets and doing the daily requirements to keep things going. I had a garden that could not be ignored. Just a children's game and I was spending hours on the computer buying rooms and furniture to decorate. Lol. Since I started blogging I haven't given my pets a thought. Maybe they died. LOL I know my garden is dead. Sigh. Conclusion: No more webkins games for me. I like reality better. Smile.


  6. I love it, LOL!!

    I'm addicted to pet society as well. Glad to meet another player. (oh, excuse me, pet owner.)

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