Oct 24, 2008

"Donut Sound Good" Friday

With 2 funerals behind me, some excitement over my online business gaining momentum, and a ridiculous To-Do list , I'm ready to get back to blogging. I have missed my daily blog rituals and visits, and I have much to share. Thanks to all of YOU for your patience!

My sons and I have begun to reward ourselves with donuts on Fridays. Hence, the name of this post. It still feels like Arabia here. I'm strongly considering the purchase of a camel. It's dry, hot and windy. Fall is playing hooky!

Miss Shabby of Shabby in the City provided the above recipe today. If you have a moment, stop by and wish her well. She is enduring poison oak on her face due to a bonfire! I never even knew that was possible. She is one itchy twitchy gal right now.


  1. Hello KJ, I hope all is well with you. I just read your post and realize you have been away from blogging. I'm glad to hear you are back and sorry to hear you have suffered losses. My sincere sympathy to you KJ.

    My father could get poison down wind of it. Smoke can carry poison too. It is bad stuff. The poor thing.


  2. Poison Ivy on the logs=poison ivy in the smoke! I got a steroid shot and then steroid pills a few days a sinus migraine. Whoa is me! Yeah I meant whoa.
    Hey. Have you discovered this blog? I have been having a blast on her site. You will too. Cuz you're like that.


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