Oct 20, 2008

Eggnog Cheesecake - Victoria Magazine

My milkman husband, Barry, delivers Alta Dena Dairy products. Their eggnog is touted as one of the best. I'm not a Nog-aholic like my husband, but I do enjoy an occasional glass. I often add it to my coffee or treat myself to eggnog flavored treats.

Now, Hungry Girl from the website by the same name, gave a less than radiant review of this eggnog (December 2006) which focused mainly on it's lofty calorie content. She called it a "nasty nog" and recommended No-Nonsense Nog or Vitasoy with Holly Nog. At this point, it's appropriate for me to borrow one of Hungry Girl's Eeeek's!

C'mon, eggnog is in the dairy case once a year. If we enjoy the real deal, why should we have to imbibe a counterfeit in the name of calorie phobic party poopers? In moderation, most anything can be enjoyed.
I feel the same way about sugar. I don't want chemically engineered impostors. I would rather do without.

Click on the photo or the photo's caption to obtain the recipe for the Eggnog Cheesecake.

Gabriella Delworth visited my blog today. She is a bit of a celebrity in Toronto, Canada. Click HERE to see her appearance on Breakfast Television. She is demonstrating creative ideas for "green" gift wrapping. Also, you may access her blog HERE for free tutorials.


  1. Oh boy...I love egg nog! and cheese cake :) num

  2. Hello,

    Mmmmmmmm...this is so good!
    Is there a recipe for it?

    ~ Gabriela ~

  3. Karen, I am so with you on this. Eggnog indulgence should be fine since it is seasonal.

    Are you going to prepare that cheesecake and share with us? ;-)

  4. I love the real deal eggnog and can drink the whole quart by myself in one day! Especially if it has ice cubes in it to make it extra cold! And I can't sip it, I have to chug it because it tastes so good. I have to pace myself though and I won't eat anything the whole day. Just the eggnog, cause it really fills me up.

    Is there anything better than a non-alcoholic eggnog hangover? I don't think so. :) xxoo

  5. Well, I for one LOVE eggnog... the REAL stuff with all the fat and calories! Here in Scotland they don't know about eggnog, so there is none for sale in the stores. We make our own at the holidays, and my husband is a convert...he loves it too! YUM YUM YUM! I will have to try this recipe. Thanks for sharing! :-) Stacey

  6. I love egg nog but always feel so guilty after I've enjoyed a tall calorie laden glass. Good thing it only stays around for a short time. Now you got me thinking about Christmas!
    Take care, DebraK

  7. I too enjoy Hungry Girl reports but I'm in total agreement with you - some things just cannot be substituted and one of them is EGGNOG. What a luscious looking recipe.

  8. Yum, will have to try it! ;)



  9. We are not eggnog people but we love it's counterpart boiled custard. The pie does look good and as we like a good cheesecake I want to try it. It is cold and damp here. I hope it is beautiful where you are....m...

  10. Love us some egg- nog (but only once a year!!!) What about that yummy cheesecake?

    Have a blessed day,
    kari & kijsa

  11. Hello Karen!

    The egg nog cheesecake looks delicious! Two of my favorite things, egg nog and cheesecake oh my! Have a lovely weekend my friend!




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