Oct 5, 2008

Spiritual Sundays - FEAR

My husband and I have checking accounts with 4 banking institutions and 2 of these banks received name changes last week due to failures. One of these crumbling empires was a highly rated East Coast institution that I recently selected because of it's stability.

Many years ago, I learned an acrostic for fear:
False Evidence Appearing Real

I've given this acrostic a great deal of thought. Certainly, there are perils and alarms in life that are by no means false. When facing an oncoming vehicle, a predator, a natural disaster, or a gloomy diagnosis, the rush of adrenaline or emotion we feel is hardly based on illusion. However, most of our fear is either derived from our own insecurities or should be wholeheartedly stamped, "Return to Sender."

1 John 4:18 tells us:
There is no fear in love; but perfect love casts out fear, because fear involves torment. But he who fears has not been made perfect in love. (NKJ)
The Message Bible states it this way:
17-18 God is love. When we take up permanent residence in a life of love, we live in God and God lives in us. This way, love has the run of the house, becomes at home and mature in us, so that we're free of worry on Judgment Day—our standing in the world is identical with Christ's. There is no room in love for fear. Well-formed love banishes fear. Since fear is crippling, a fearful life—fear of death, fear of judgment—is one not yet fully formed in love.
Allow me to take this acrostic one step further. Even when fear is not based on a mirage, I believe our limited perspective is still somewhat false. Encased in these earthen shells, we will never see the whole picture or the backstage operations of a wise and loving God. We see in part. To base our entire understanding on a piece of the puzzle will inhibit or cripple our ability to lean on, trust in, and rely on our all knowing Heavenly Father.

In July of this year, Pastor Greg Laurie of Harvest Christian Fellowship in Riverside, California, lost his 33-year old son to a traffic accident. This happened just days before the annual Southern California Harvest Crusade, an event that Greg heads up. After hearing this news, I joined my prayer with the thousands of petitions being raised up, asking God to reach those Harvest Crusade attendees whose future had not yet been secured in Heaven. Consequently, this crusade produced some of the greatest fruit in this ministry's history! Had Greg limited his understanding to just the heartbreaking evidence of loss, the larger picture may have never been realized.


  1. Thank you so much for your message. I needed it and it helped me. I pray that others who need this message will stop by your blog today.

  2. Boy this is so true. I have to remind myself from time to time when things aren't going the way I would like for them to go that God is in control, and everything will come out right in the end. we can't see the big picture but someday we will.
    Thank you for sharing this on Spiritual Sundays.

  3. Wonderful post, just this morning the Holy Spirit had me meditating on the same scriptures. Confirms that is where He wanted me.
    Walk in faith, Walk in love, & Stay in the WORD, if i goof up, repent and get right back at it. It is so easy with Jesus!

    Blessings, Karen

  4. Wonderful message and scripture, much needed today. We never know the whole picture do we, but God is in control, thank goodness.

    Have a blessed day KJ!
    Kathi :D

  5. God is in control. Thank Him for that! I am glad I am not in control.

    It is easy to say to not worry, but keep saying it..God is in control and He has done a great job for my whole life taking care of me.

    I just returned to work after being off for 19 weeks for a few surgeries this summer. I came back to Wal-Mart after that long and got a "new" position in the Pharmacy. I am a Pharmacy Tech now. I have wanted to be one for quite awhile. The girl they had hired quit the day before I came back. I slipped right in there! THAT is totally a GOD thing as I had everyone praying for me!

    Great uplifting message Miss Karen!
    xo Cyndi Evans


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