Oct 7, 2008

Tea for Tuesday

Good Housekeeping - October 1909

I have gazed at the above magazine cover, somewhat in awe of what was considered "good housekeeping" in 1909. My, how times have changed. Nowadays, that fluffy white fox would have so much protection that it really would be licking her tea saucer. Can you imagine having a pillow like that?

On the wings of my summer tea series, I've made some new discoveries that should interest tea enthusiasts! One item is an online tea magazine simply titled, The Leaf. Each issue is subdivided into categories that can be downloaded in pdf format. The content is classy, informative, and dissimilar to the frou-frou newsletter styles of other tea sites.

There is a distinct Asian thread piecing all of the earthy elements together. Be advised that some articles include Eastern folklore and mysticism. The evolution of tea did not stem from a Christian culture, so one can sift accordingly. Nevertheless, you are bound to gain deeper insights. Click HERE to view. I'm interested to know what you think.

Lisa Wynn wrote a very funny article at Tea Digest called, "Boring Luncheons are Out to Lunch." She expresses what many of us feel when faced with another bridal or baby shower that is a repeat of everything we have already attended. Let's face it, we know why we're there, but wouldn't it be nice to enjoy something fresh?

Lastly, have you ever considered cooking with tea? Rice is transformed when it is prepared with brewed tea instead of plain water. Check out, "Cooking with Tea and Teatime Treats."


  1. Oh, how well I remember my grandmother having fur coats and fun collars. I even recall the ones with the head. Ugh! Times have changed - thank goodness.

    I enjoyed reading the item about showers and luncheons. I am giving one next month.

  2. I thought the cooking with tea was an interesting idea. This is an interesting post. Love the picture.
    I think the link to Sandi's post is fixed now. You're right. I couldn't get to her blog by clicking on it either and discovered it didn't have the at the end of her URL. Try it now.

  3. Hi KJ,

    Thank you for visiting me today. In answer to your comment, no I didn't write the saying on my header, but it's so true don't you think?

  4. I'd love to attend a Foxy Tea!
    Yes, they have become boring for sure...

  5. I have cooked rice in tea befor and you are right my friend it is so gooood. Thanks for the link....m...


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