Oct 14, 2008

Tea for Tuesday

Good Housekeeping - October 1929

I enjoy reading British blogs and websites for the sheer pleasure of seeing words spelled differently and to gain a different perspective of everyday life. Wouldn't you agree that taking a lift seems more experiential than using an elevator? I guess you could say it's...uplifting.

Growing up, Orange Pekoe tea was always stocked in my parent's kitchen pantry. In my summer "Teahouse of the August Spoon" series, I identified what the term Orange Pekoe means: it's not a flavor but a grade of tea. Well, apparently the Brits have given Orange Pekoe a good grade because it has been named the "best tea to have with a fry-up!"
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Contrary to popular belief English breakfast tea was found not to make the most of the classic combination of fried eggs, bacon, sausages, black pudding, mushrooms and baked beans.

The search for the perfect accompaniment to a stodgy breakfast was conducted to mark 100 years since the invention of the tea bag and was overseen by Whittard of Chelsea's "tea master" Giles Hilton.

Mr Hilton said: "English breakfasts should always be accompanied by a mug of steaming tea and at its best, eaten in the greasy spoon round the corner.

"Most often the tea served will be a blend of Kenyan, Assam and Ceylon tea but in my experience Orange Pekoe tea is the best.

"It suits the English taste for a rich, strong tasting, black tea which takes milk well. It is the very best Ceylon tea and it is important to remember that it does not taste of oranges".

Orange instead refers to the Royal House of Orange, a mark of quality assigned by Dutch traders, as well as the distinctive colour.

The tea comes from Sri Lanka and won out over others because it holds its own against the taste of food like bacon, egg and sausage.

Russian Caravan and Assam Large Leaf were also found to be excellent teas to have with a fry-up.

But Mr Hilton warned of some disastrous combinations to watch out for including matching a fry up with Jasmine Green tea.

Although it helps to cut through the fat content of the meal, the Jasmine perfume leaves the palate confused, ruins the simple flavours and renders the restorative ability of an English breakfast powerless.

Earl Grey and Mango Indica should also never be drunk with a fried breakfast, he said. For coffee drinkers Santos and Java were found to match a fry-up perfectly.


  1. Hello, What a GORGEOUS blog! Such lovely graphics and so well put together.
    Have a lovely day ~Mary~ :-}

  2. HI KJ, I've been out for so long & missed so much.....
    I'd rather use the lift than the elevator & the loo instead of the bathroom!
    Interesting tea facts. Don't think I could handle black pudding? and baked beans for breakfast no matter what type of tea was served!
    Take care, DebraK

  3. I must be more enlightedned than I knew, because I love orange pekoe.

    Who knew I knew? ;-)

  4. But, after reading the comment I just submitted - we all know I can't type.

  5. Love the Good Housekeeping Mag. Cover Image.Great tea post. Blessings ..m.

  6. Hello Karen!

    It seems like such a long time since my last visit, oh how I have missed my daily visits! I love your tea post so delightful and informative too! You have made quite a few changes here and the results are beautiful! Wishing you and your family a lovely rest of the week!



  7. I enjoy orange pekoe tea as well....yum.

    I bought a beautiful Christmas "pudding" one year for my company that was in staying with us from England so she would "feel at home" sort of....and was it ever GROSS!!! Even the sauce (which we made together) was horrible.

    No WAY would I eat a black one...I think there is blood in those. Blah!!

    She ended up making "Fairy Cakes" while she was here visiting too....those were MUCH better amd we dusted them with powdered sugar and REAL holly and berries...they were so cute.

    And then we proudly took some to a very good friend of mine and she ATE the BERRIES and called to tell me...and we thought she might die!! HA!
    ROTF.....duh who would eat the berries for pete's sake???

    Sorry...I love most things British but there's a limit when it comes to puddings. HA!

    Besides....we Louisianian's want "BANANA puddin" thank you very much. HA!

    My favorite ALL time tea is.......
    "British Breakfast"'s just a black pekoe tea.
    I drink it every single day. HA!
    See ya....


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