Oct 26, 2008

Today's Bouquets

Good Housekeeping - September 1925

The theme of this post is change. I found my name on the sign-up sheet and I frankly don't recall putting it there.
  • Due to financial pressures, my daughter and her fiance are postponing their wedding until March of 2009. It was originally slated for January. Thankfully, this will involve minimal adjustments, a breather, and more time to meet goals.
  • A home that we had desired—before moving to our present location—has become available. The owner contacted us first. We met at St. Arbucks yesterday to discuss the logistics. We will be moving in around December 3rd. One fabulous feature is new wood flooring throughout the home. Good-bye allergies!
NOTE: The above vintage magazine cover reminds me of how fleeting moments can be. My daughter is now 21 and it truly feels like these years have been a vapor. I can still feel her breath against my neck and chest as we napped together, her tiny body lying lengthwise across my torso.


  1. KJ,
    I hope all works out very well with your new home.
    Your description of holding your daughter as a little one really resonated with me. I feel that way about my daughter very often, but I'm so happy she has turned out to be such a lovely adult.
    As always, I wish you only the very best.
    Big hugs!

  2. A reprieve and sweet memories. I love both. Good things come to those who wait.

    I love the memory of my son's fingers around mine. And, he used to put his hand on my eyelashes. I think he liked to feel them flutter.

  3. This post and reference to your daughter is so sweet. My daughter is 23 and I too sometimes look at her and am so surprised that she isn't nestled against my shoulder anymore. Best wishes on the wedding and the upcoming move.

  4. New house woohooohoooo! Thats great! Is it far from where you are now?
    21. Man. Time does go so fast with kids...I watched my nieces and nephews grow before I had my kids. Its funny to think that I grew that quickly in front of my family. It felt like forever!

  5. Sounds like they are good changes. The move to a new home always appeals to me...I love to move...much to my dear husband's chagrin.

    Becky K.

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