Oct 29, 2008

We Never Know...

Leigh Chan Kay, my church's roving photo journalist, snapped this picture during a gathering at the Platt's 2007 4th of July party. The 2 ladies at the end of the table are Linda Platt (left) and Antoinette Puglia (right) alias Maude or Mama Puglia. Here they are, side by side, not knowing that very soon they would be making their journey to heaven. What a homecoming that must have been and what remarkable ladies!


  1. I always get chill bumps when I take pictures of people because I know these things happen...and how cherished the pictues will become to someone later. I got a hug last week from a man I wish he could have hugged his girls who weren't near that day.
    SO nice talking to you today my friend!!!!

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