Nov 21, 2008

Attitude of Gratitude

Every year it seems, the Christmas season encroaches a little bit more on Thanksgiving. It would be wonderful if the reasons were strictly spiritual, but we all recognize the momentum to be primarily commercial. Advertisers are so focused on Black Friday that Thanksgiving has become more of a lavish meal to fuel the energy of Friday's early risers.

Well, not so in my home. Surrounded by a world that seems to be misplacing values and, in some cases, bent on destroying the foundations of our Faith, Thanksgiving becomes more meaningful with each passing year.

I find myself taking less for granted and appreciating the grace and goodness that has been bestowed upon me by our Heavenly Father. I'm making time to absorb and observe my surroundings and those I love. I find myself embracing now and rushing less, knowing that a spent day will never exist for me again.

I confess that I intentionally oversleep on Friday and steer clear of malls. If I shop at all, I go to small boutiques and quaint independent stores with small town charm.

As it happens, I will be packing and moving over Thanksgiving weekend into a home that I fervently prayed for over a year and a half ago. I recall going into that prospective neighborhood one morning around 3:00 just to drive and pray. Although that door closed and we moved instead to our present address, that prayer was answered 4 weeks ago when the owner called and invited us to move in. But God... Another example of how delay is not always denial.


  1. Oh my but you said a mouthful and every word is so true...

    I adore the part about praying for that house and it finally coming true... I pray but then I forget.... I too am wishing for a different house than where I am living right now... but I dont think that I am as devoted as you...

    Though God knows I try... I dont think I try enough

    Thank you for a beautiful reminder of what the true spirit of thanksgiving is

    I am thankful to have a blog friend like you



  2. Great Post!

    I am excited for you! Moving is a lot of work...but I enjoy it so much.

    Fresh new canvas walls to work with.

    Have a very special Thanksgiving, KJ.

    Becky K.

  3. I totally agree with all you said, I hate all the commercialization.

    Praise the Lord, I'm so happy for you to be moving into the home of your hearts desire.

  4. I don't ever leave the house the day after Thanksgiving. No bargain great enough for that hassle. I'd pay extra not to attend those sales!
    I'm so excited about your God ordained home! Wonder what all He has in store for you there? Won't it be fun to find out!

  5. Such a beautiful post from someone with a beautiful heart!!! happy Thanksgiving my friend...m..

  6. Excellent post. "Embracing now" and "But God" linger with me. All my life I have had to keep reminding myself to embrace now--to focus--to live in the moment. And over and over I remind myself "But God..." This and that may be going on "But God..." Thanks for a great message.

  7. I agree with you about black Friday. I never go shopping on that day. I'm so glad you finally got the house you prayed for. It's true, God does sometimes say "not now." Sometimes he has something better in mind even. That has certainly happened to me. One thing I know -- He is faithful.
    Have a blessed Thanksgiving.

  8. You are SO right my friend. The day of "Thanksgiving" is really going to the wayside in America sad to say. It's distressing actually.
    We see "Christmas" being bumped up faster and faster and it's really not for the main REASON's actually for the buying and the spending.
    Believe me...I work retail and have for years. I've seen what has been happening through the years and especially THIS year because of the struggling they say.

    I personally don't go to Black Friday sales anymore...I'm not against people who do at all. People want to save money. I used to do it too. But the day is soooo crazy.

    In fact I usually don't even work that day but someone how I was roped into it this year and I am NOT looking forward to that day at all. Blah.

    I am like you.....I would rather REST a bit longer focusing on the reasons why I am "thankful"....
    I miss the "reflection" times that I used to have during this season when my children were little and I could control life a little better. :~) Like when they would be "napping".....
    Now everyone is busy and running on 6 different schedules....ugh.
    Not good.
    Hang in there.....I am thinking of you all out there.
    Have a GREAT and BLESSED Thanksgiving if I don't get back here before then.
    See ya,

  9. I'm with you...less shopping more love :). Congratulations on your new home, I will keep you in my prayers and be thinking of you. What a wonderful Thanksgiving that will be.

    Prayers and blessings,
    Kathi :)

  10. I love to hear when God answers prayers. He is a such a great God!
    God Bless you,

  11. How wonderful that you have a "new-to-you" home to thank God for this Thanksgiving! I'm like you; I don't shop on Black Friday. Happy Spiritual Sunday.

  12. Black Friday! Well since I work at Wal-Mart that day has been wild for about 12 years. I don't personally shop on that day, but I like to watch others do their wild shopping. I will be safe in the Pharmacy this year.

    Good to hear how quiet your day is. Just watch out for all that Califormia traffic!

    xo Cyndi


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