Nov 15, 2008


This photo was taken in my backyard, looking east toward Yorba Linda, CA. This was shortly before the Anaheim Hills fire broke out.

In the past decade, California has been torched with wildfires in the fall. Our dry, hot weather, even this far into November, creates perfect fire conditions. Each season, the fires worsen and arson is on the rise. It is sickening to think that there are arsonists sitting in front of their televisions right now, exhilarated by the power of destruction. In their demented thinking, these fire conditions represent supreme recreation.

Here is another view from my backyard as flames began to rage in Anaheim Hills.

I am not far from the fires. I live in La Habra, right next to Fullerton and Brea. In Orange County, there are fires in Yorba Linda, Brea, Corona, and Anaheim Hills. It is only 3:00 PM and the sun is blocked by billows of smoke and ash. One would think that we are at war. Thick clouds of smoke are spilling over the 241 and 91 freeways. People are abandoning their cars.

This was taken in my front yard a couple of hours ago. The sun is overshadowed by smoke.

There are other fires up north in Montecito and Sylmar. Hundreds of homes have been destroyed. PLEASE PRAY!


  1. That is terrible!
    Especially that some of the fires are set by the arsons...ughghgh!

    I didn't realize you were right there in the midst of it all until I came to just check in on you.
    Hang in there and keep us posted.
    I will pray.

  2. Sooo scary!! I will pray! I have never experienced this sort of fear.

  3. We've been watching these fires on television. Every year fires devastate parts of your beautiful state. My son was a student at Pepperdine University in Malibu about 20 years ago when one of the fires was burning there all around the campus. Pepperdine is not a Christian college but it was started by Christians and still has a Christian philosophy, the president and most others in charge are Christians. We have been amazed through the years when fires come right up to the campus nothing there has been destroyed. I believe God has protected them.
    I can't help but wonder if some of those gay rights protesters that are causing so much trouble around the nation might not be responsible for some of the fires. I can see them saying if we can't have gay marriage we'll just burn down the state. I probably shouldn't go there, but I can't help wondering.

  4. How scary, KJ! My sister-in-law is in Santa Barbara and they had to evacuate. Hope you are safe. What a thing to have to deal with every year!!
    Sending you love and prayers,

  5. KJ I have been praying for you and your family and hoping that your home was safe. I am glad that you updated us, this is very scary for all of you. I will continue to pray for all the victims of these awful fires.

  6. My thoughts and prayers are with all those affected by the fire. It's so scary to know it's that close that you can see the smoke. Praying for your safety and asking a blessing from the Lord for you. Take care. xxoo


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