Nov 6, 2008

The First Blogger and Almighty God

[This post was written earlier this week; however, it really has been the pool of my reflection throughout this week. I hope it resonates with you as well.]

Moses plugging into the God of the cyber-verse.

I've been wrapped up in Election matters this week. I even volunteered to assist a local Republican Headquarters. For me, this race was totally about resumé and the experience needed to lead a country in tumultuous times. I sincerely don't believe that we can afford on-the-job training right now. And, I am concerned that there will be a price to pay.

However, I thank my dear friend Beverly of Teatime and Roses. We had a deep heart to heart via telephone. We have both agreed to pray for God's wisdom over this historical election and our new President-Elect Obama. The significance of seeing an African-American take a leading role in our country is not lost on me. I celebrate a country that has made equality possible through the blood and sacrifices of multitudes of men and women.

God is still on the throne and whether we see it or not, He is in control and working things together for good. He is bigger than the kings of this world and he is larger than our fears. We are vowing to pray during these next 4 years like we have never prayed before.

This is a wake up call for conservatives and those to whom we have entrusted with power. The Republican Party needs to clean house and get back to the core values that drive our platform. And, the Body of Christ must resolve to be a brighter beacon in an ever darkening world.

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  1. Hello Karen!

    Our conversation was a wonderful one. You indeed are a good friend, my sister in Christ Jesus. Like you I am looking for good things ahead, wonderful things for our great nation!

    How funny, Moses on the mountain top or should I say the mountain point!:o) Thanks so much for sharing, it made me smile.



  2. Hear, hear!
    I loved what you had to say......and agree so now there are THREE of us in agreement on these such important matters.
    I have wondered about you all week but also have been consumed in matters here in my own area of the world. HA!
    Hang in there......
    Be blessed,

  3. It is comforting to know that our tiny voices have been heard. We are America
    Now we pray for our country and it's new leader.

  4. KJ, I agree our country needs to pray for our new leaders of this country. We should always support our leaders no matter who they are. Sadly this has been a problem that has hurt our country. Hopefully we can unite and stand behind our leader with all of our hearts. That should be the American thing to do. However, that has not been the case these past 8 years. Building up is far better than tearing down. God bless America.


  5. I have said many prayers and will continue to pray. This is America and we are proud to be Americans! xxoo

  6. I'm praying for our nation.


  7. What a good post for the end of an emotional week. I pray that the Lord be with our new President.
    God Bless,

  8. Good thoughts! I have always voted Republican but I guess now I am feeling that more than being a Republican I am a conservative. I also know that because God is in control that things will be alright. They may not be the way we want them to be--but they will be alright. (This is silly, but everytime I see your name KJ I immediately think of Kevin Johnson, former Suns basketball player and now Mayor of Sacramento.) Thanks for your post.

  9. lol That's the same joke I used last Sunday! Yes, God is still on His throne. Happy Sunday. Come visit.

  10. I certainly agree with you. I hope the Republican party wakes up. It is so discouraging. You're right. We need to pray like we've never prayed before.

  11. Good Evening Karen,

    What a busy week you've had and yet you've had time to find a funny :). What a wonderful reminder God is always in control and to watch for the good things ahead for our nation. We should continue to pray!

    Kathi :)

  12. I appreciate so much what you had to say in your post. I am a first time visitor to your blog and it was comforting to read someone echoing what I'm feeling in my heart about this election.
    blessings and thanks


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